Faye Comeback Concerts in October 2010?

According to China News Net (20 Nov. 2009), Hong Kong and Taiwan record company executives are claiming that Faye Wong (王菲) will be staging a series of comeback concerts in October 2010. She will receive 50 million yuan for performances in ten stadiums in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Katie Chen (陈家瑛), Faye’s agent, is reported to have confirmed this news. When asked for details about time and place, she replied, “It’s still under study.”

Update 22 Nov. 2009: Chengdu Daily’s Zhang Shihao (张世豪)reported today that the comeback will be staged in Shanghai and Beijing, with five performances in each. Their reporter spoke with Faye’s agent, Katie, who said, “Indeed, we are talking about it. It is proceeding smoothly.” When asked what form the return would take, she said, “It may be a concert.” She also said that the event will not be in October. The date has not been finalized.


9 Responses

  1. Dear God, please let this come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Singapore Fayenatic, I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed! We’ve heard a lot of comeback rumors in the past, but this one has the ring of truth. The news sources seem legit, and the reported statements by Katie appear to confirm the return. The fact that details are still being decided makes the possibility seem even more genuine.

    My best guess is that the return will kick off on either New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve 2010. I’d put my money on the former. For the sake of tradition, I wish the opening concert were taking place in HK Coliseum, but I have a feeling it’s going to take place in Beijing.

    Faye’s previous concerts were all preceded by new album releases, so I’m really wondering if the same will hold true in 2010. But that would mean only a year to complete it so an album may not be in the picture. Faye’s a perfectionist and a year may not be enough. Still, it’s not out of the question.

    This has to be the most optimistic news yet!

  3. I believe Faye would held her concerts in the form of tours, rather than just having concerts in Shanghai and Beijing.
    Please… Faye please come to Malaysia…

  4. Dont forget Seoul, Korea if there is a tour. Faye is the best – almost unbelievable she is back!

  5. Hi, Wong-ju. As it stands, concerts have been scheduled for Beijing and Shanghai only. But there’s no telling if the tour may be expanded if Faye’s album is successful and if the demand is great. I guess there are still a lot of unknowns at this point. It would be really cool if Faye could perform for her thousands of fans in Seoul and other parts of Korea.

  6. I love you, hope I can go to your concert.

  7. As a HUGE fan from the USA who has NEVER seen Faye live in concert, I am desperately trying to find out when concert dates will be announced, where the concerts will be and how can i get tickets!

  8. DSM, click here for the latest.

  9. Please come to Malaysia, Faye. WE LOVE YOU !!! <3

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