Faye Wins 2 Press Awards

The first annual 2009 “Big Fish Award” is based on a poll of 100 entertainment reporters and editors from major Chinese publications. This award is unique because of its comprehensive standards. It is based on popularity in the entertainment media, on news value, on reader feedback, and on artists’ performance. It announced winners in 15 categories, and Faye Wong (王菲) is the only star to win in 2 different categories:

Most popular artist: Faye Wong (and Andy Lau 刘德华)

Most sought after interview: Faye Wong


5 Responses

  1. Why somebody’s Mandarin name is BIGGER than our dearest Faye Wong? -.-

  2. Hi, Yan Kiat. Thanks for catching the error. I just corrected it. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hahaha.. Hope you don’t mind what I’ve said.
    Merry Christmas to you too! =D

  4. Not at all. The size difference didn’t show up in my browser so I thought it was an optical illusion. But when I viewed the page as HTML, I saw the code for a larger font. If you hadn’t warned us, I wouldn’t have known. I think we’re all going to get the best Christmas gift in the world when Faye performs for us once again! Thanks, Yan Kiat!

  5. Let’s wait for the CCTV Spring Festival! (:

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