Two Rare Videos: Faye’s Pineapple ‘Do

Faye Wong (王菲) sings “No Regrets” (执迷不悔), from the title track of her February 1993 album, at the 1993 Hong Kong and Taiwan Top 10 Gold Songs awards. With this song, we have a couple of critical firsts: Faye’s first foray into songwriting — she wrote the lyrics — and her first Mandarin release. This also happens to be one of my all-time favorite albums. We see the pineapple ‘do again in the now classic Susie Au (區雪兒) video for “Pledge” (誓言), from Faye’s June 1994 album Random Thoughts. Faye wrote the music and lyrics for “Pledge.”

Added to YouTube by usharimau on 25 April 2010.

No Regrets (執迷不悔)

Composed by Yuan Wei-Ren; Lyrics by Faye Wong

This time I resolutely face
Uninhibitive obssession
I don’t really mind
Whether this being right or wrong
Even if fallen deep
I don’t really care
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
I grasp on to it with no regrets

Don’t say that I should give it up
That I should open my eyes
I use my heart
To see and to feel
You are not me
How can you understand
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
Let me hold on to it with no regrets

I am not as perfect as you may think
Sometimes I also can’t distinguish being right from being wrong
It’s not that I don’t want to walk out of uncertainty
But only this time
This time it’s myself and no one else

Whose heart should I use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if it’s pain
Even if it meant tears
It’s just my self’s own sorrow

Whose heart can I still use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if I’m fatigued
Even if it’s exhaustion
I can only grasp on to uncertainty with no regrets

Pledge (誓言)

Music and Lyrics by Faye Wong

I thought that we could be together forever
Lots of times, I think of this and I don’t want to fall asleep
If you could give me a sincere certainty
It doesn’t matter; nothing matters to me

The road ahead is perhaps not too clear
After I proceed on confidently, perhaps I’ll find it exhausting
Perhaps I’ll want to stop but can’t stop

The darker the sky becomes, the more tired my heart becomes
I saw your face, listened to your unvoiced pledge
At that moment I discovered
That one day I walked past you and didn’t catch your gaze

I take my heart and give it to you to console
Is it possible for me not to have to take it back?
[Please] don’t think that an assiduous heart is unbreakable
[Please] don’t think that nothing matters to me


One Response

  1. The pineapple do had much controversy at the time, fuelling the opinions that Faye was copying Bjork, who also had a pineapple do at the time. Other looks that Faye was criticized for copying Bjork was the stringy hair do from her Ingratiate Oneself days, sparkles under the eyes around the same time in 1994, and the sunburnt look on the Scenic Tour album cover (looked like Bjork’s Post album cover). Then of course Bjork’s infamous swan dress – Faye wore an ostrich (?) dress by the same designer at a Japanese concert.

    Trends are trends, made to be copied. But I suppose people were saying Faye was not as original/edgy as her fans thought at the time. She’s certainly her own woman now.

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