Rare 1993 Video: Faye’s See-Through Dress

Updated 12/17/14

At a 1993 awards ceremony, Faye Wong (王菲) sings “Lau Fei Fei” (流非飛, Flow Not Fly), from her Sep 1993 album, Hundred Thousand Whys. At this point in her career, she was still Wong Ching Man (王靖雯). Video added to YouTube by dodohappy123 on 3 Jan 2010. The uploaded version included a second award performance of “No Regrets” from this period that was omitted from this posted video.


3 Responses

  1. This was definitely the season of mohair crop tops!
    A rare moment of Faye actually doing choreographed dancing. I think she set a new bar for being skinny in the industry too, obviously Faye is naturally that way, but it must’ve compelled Sammi and those to come to look like Faye.

  2. 想當年….咱的王菲可比現今的Lady Gaga 還新潮列!

    thanks for posting this precious clip!

  3. Deb, hey, long time no see. Yeah, this early video shows what a dramatic departure Faye has been from the other performers. She was so radically different. Her look, style, ‘tude — way the hell out there.

    Cath, you’re welcome. Yeah, Faye’s radical style is similar to the trends featured on the Lady Gaga site. Faye doesn’t need to try very hard. It all seems very natural with her. She’s a trend setter.

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