Faye to Sing Theme Song for ‘Confucius’

Faye Wong (王菲) will be singing the theme song for the epic film Confucius (孔子), which will debut in Beijing on 6 Jan 2010 and worldwide the next day. The title of the song is “You Lan Cao” (幽兰操). The film, directed by Hu Mei (胡玫), will star Chow Yun-Fat (周润发) and Zhou Xun (周迅). (Source Sina.com 3 Jan 2010) Added 3 Jan 2010: See y.A.S.d.’s comments (for this post) for more details! Added 3 Jan 2010: Reports indicate that Faye was contracted to do the song as early as April 2009. The recording was completed on 31 Dec 2009.  I’m not certain about the translation for 幽兰操. My best guess is “Song of the Orchids.” It is based on the works of the Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu (韩愈, 768-824). The director, Hu Mei, is reported to have described Faye’s rendition as ethereal, as “Communication of the earth and the sky’s beauty.” The film celebrates 60 years of Communist rule and is jointly produced by the state-run China Film Group and Beijing-based Dadi Cinema. The estimated cost is $22 million USD. Added 4 Jan 2010: The theme song will be available on the Confucius website starting at 9 am (Beijing time) on January 7. (Source CRIENGLISH and China View)


15 Responses

  1. WHAT? :D
    she recorded a song for the movie and it will be out in a few days?!

  2. yay!! :D

  3. Danny has seen this news on sina.com aswell and it looks like the lyrics are already known and the song will be available for listen on the movie official website on Jan 7, 9.am sharp.



  4. based on the lyrics i guess the songs will sound something very sky,mountain,earth feeling.

    Hope it didnt turn out like Kuan Shu or Yin Shiong.

    I expect more. For them it is a theme songs,

    For Faye fans and music industry, we will see this as a come back song.

    We are expecting high. But this is not faye composition so i am a bit afraid

  5. Raymond, yeah, I share your concerns that it may sound like
    “Forgiveness” or “Hero”. I wish they’d contracted Faye to write the music and lyrics for the Confucius theme. Still, if anyone can turn a song into an instant classic, Faye’s the one. I can’t wait to hear her first come back song!

  6. haha, based on the lyrics, only few words, that should sounds nice and a slow tempo songs. but the songs lyrics doesnt contains lala….ah…..da…da..etc faye’s signature…..haha……

    So its all depends on her voice. and based on the money they spend for the film, i assume this songs will be nice. Hope it doesnt sound like 90’s Hong Kong drama or any kuno drama.

    Cant wait for 7th Jan.

  7. Based on what I feel towards the lyrics, I guess it would be something like Tian Kong+Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu! Haha..

  8. “Sky” and “Wishing We Last Forever” — that’s a good call, Yan Kiat. The title for Tian Kong is a clear fit. And like You Lan Cao, the lyrics for Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu are from an ancient source, a poem by Su Shi in the 11th century.

    For me, the Confucius theme of earth and sky with the graceful movement and scent of orchids in between suggests an image that’s at once natural, harmonious, beautiful, and full of life. Faye’s strength has always been a deep conviction that the human voice is like a musical instrument, simultaneously unique and a part of the whole, like yin and yang. Thus, her duets are especially beautiful. She never competes with the other voice; instead, she complements it.

    In the soon-to-be-released theme song, I think Faye’s voice will again be in harmony with the visual and other audio elements, flowing with them in a musical dance that only she can perform.

  9. another 2 days to wait….cant hardly wait. Btw, this is a confirm news right that this is the songs.i just dowan to be let down again.

  10. i been to confucius web, in the music section, they didnt mention about the the theme songs sing by faye.

    I feel really weird on this. How can a movie which trailer is out for so long and all the groundwork is ready yet theme songs wasnt ready. Yet theme songs needs only one week to produce.

    Help me to kill my anxiety away pls

  11. Hi, Raymond. Yes, the story re Faye singing the theme song has been confirmed. However, the song won’t be released on the site until the 7th. I know exactly how you feel. I’m anxious, too, but I’m pretty sure about this one. Hang in there.

  12. it is said that this song will be released globally

  13. Listen to 25 second version of the song! Sounds great!


    Thanks to wongfei.org fan, Zegna.

  14. danny posted: Listen to 25 second version of the song! Sounds great!


    Thanks to wongfei.org fan, Zegna.

  15. Danny and y.A.S.d. — THANKS! I posted it and added a comment! WOW!

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