y.A.S.d. – ‘Confucius’ Theme Song!

y.A.S.d. on 5 Jan 2010 said:

http://you.video.sina.com.cn/b/27919766-1290055681.html for the full song
OMG its great

Added 6 Jan 2010: MV, below, from Youku:

Added 6 Jan 2010: MP3 recording below ripped directly from the kongzi site:


8 Responses

  1. hey
    i dont know the sites anymore to rip from streamings. can you share me the mp3 of the new song? i want to put it on my mp3player :D its great

  2. 320K MP3, quite good quality:


    provided by dustin on the forum

  3. :-) thx!

  4. Overall i think she can do better than this. She should mix her voice more and soften.i prefer the songs sing with her voice use on (zhi you wo zi ji) movie theme which start bridgette lim

    On 4 minutes onwards, that is really faye taste.

    The songs at the beginning sounds nice. In the chorus this will take time for you to feel nice.

  5. y.A.S.d., I’m glad Dustin uploaded the mp3. Re downloading from this site — please click on the “About” tab at the top of the page. See #2 under “Questions & Answers.” This is the quickest, simplest, and most effective way to download songs and videos from any site. This is the method I use.

    Raymond, I love this song and the way that Faye sings it. I think she captures the spirit of the film. However, it’s not like songs that we usually associate with Faye. It’s more like a sutra than a ballad, and it’s designed for the historical and spiritual intent of the film. I think we’re going to hear the familiar Faye later this year when her new album is released.

  6. The feeling is really different when you downloaded the mp3….more nice feels to it too.

  7. I get that feeling, too, Wubing. I don’t know if the mp3 audio is better or if the video is distracting. Whatever, though, this song is slowly growing on me.

  8. 歌詞:幽蘭操




    [rough English translation]
    Lyrics: orchids Cao

    Yi-Yi-Lan’s, triumphantly their fragrance.
    Chung incense arch of, sadly, the fang.
    We do not mine the wear, on-lan HE injury?
    In days to years, I have four lines.
    King Wen Lo, Wei-shui vast.
    Mining and the Perry’s, Olympus Qing-fang.
    Xue Shuang-mao-mao, Lei-lei in the winter,
    A gentleman to defend, descendants of Chang.

    Han Yu: Orchids Cao

    Yi-Yi-Lan’s, triumphantly their fragrance.
    We do not mine the wear, on-lan Ho injuries.
    Today’s spin, the He-to-ran.
    I line the Quartet, to date in years.
    Xue Shuang Trade and trade, water chestnut wheat Yukishige.
    If the child does not hurt, I do not Er Gou.
    Chestnut Yukishige wheat, chestnut wheat is it that you.
    A gentleman of the injury, a gentleman of the defensive.

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