Five Rare Faye MVs from Nobita813

These are five extremely rare MVs. I’ve never seen them until now. The video quality is superb. The artistic quality, fantastic. Added to YouTube by nobita813 on 15 Jan 2010.

Like Wind, 1993 (如风 Ru Feng)

You Are in My Heart, 1995 (你在我心中 Ni Zai Wo Xin Zhong)

Lost Track, 1995 (迷路 Mai Lo)

Sleepwalk, 1994 (梦游 Moong Yau)

Exit, 1994 (出路 Chu Lu)


4 Responses

  1. Zing預告王菲個唱秋天開鑼
    (明報)2010年1月15日 星期五 05:10




  2. Raymond, thanks for the Chinese quote from Ming Pao (15 Jan 2010). With Zing’s comment about working with Faye in the autumn, I think we have confirmation that the concerts are a go! Zing, originally from Singapore but now in HK, has been Faye’s primary makeup artist for years.

    Also, thanks for the link to the TVB news article (2 Dec 2009) — further confirmation of the concerts coming to pass.

  3. dropped u an email feifan….

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