Wubing – Faye Mystery Photo

Wubing wrote on 18 Jan 2010:
Dear Feifan, I managed to find this pic online and it is a pic showing Faye wearing a headphone set. I never know where this came from, maybe we can ask the fans about it ? Wubing

Edit 1.28.10: Click here for the answer.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the photo, Wubing! I really like it. Faye looks very serious. With no makeup, in a T-shirt, hair pulled back — absolutely beautiful! The photo looks familiar. I hope one of our readers will know when and where it was taken. Here’s the full photo that you provided a link to:

  2. I believe it is for a charity single to help Taiwan’s 921 earthquake?

  3. If i am not wrong, this is faye in the studio recording the Hong Kong’s SARS song.

  4. Let me guess… 1999 Dang Shi De Yue Liang??

    Forgive me if i said the wrong thing. Hahaha…

  5. Does anyone has the mp3 download link of the SARS song (with Faye in it)??


  6. Ja, it’s a song named Xiong Xin Fei Yang(雄心飞扬).I think you can find the mp3 on the web if you get the name.

  7. That’s a MV at youtube. Just type 雄心飞扬

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