CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2010 Program

The CCTV Spring Festival (New Year’s Eve) Gala will be aired live on 13 Feb 2010 at 8:00pm. It  will be broadcast live worldwide. Faye Wong’s (王菲) performance is scheduled for the second hour. (The schedule is reproduced as it appeared in the source.)

First Hour
1. Opening song, “Dragon Tiger Leap reported that Spring”
2. Crosstalk drama “can not let him go” (Performers: Feng Gong, Liu Jinshan, Feng Shao, Yan Xue-Jing, Xue Han)
3. Singing “Let’s dance together” (performed by: Song Zuying)
4. Sketch, “sentence Matters” (Performers: Guo Pro, Niu Li, Liu Kam)
5. Song “love each other” (Performers: Sun Nan, Joey Yung, Lee Hom, Yu Cuizhi)
6. Dance “toy of the Night”
7. Crosstalk “and the Who comic dialogue” (Performers: Jiang Kun, Dai Zhicheng, Zhao Jin-sheng)

Second Hour
8. Dance “Lotus Pond Lotus language”

9. Song “Legend” (传奇) performed by Faye Wong

10. Sketch, “My Heart Will Go” (performed by: Yin Tao, Yan Ni, Liu Min, Chai rights, Liu statement, Chen Weihan)
11. Song “Long live the motherland” (Performance: Han Lei, Lei Jia)
12. Folk dance big series
“Harmony Big Home”, “Zhuang Autonomous Region-US” “I and grasslands have a date” “Dolma” “my sister’s Shandan Flowers opening” and “happy life Jaaksi”

Third Hour
13. Sketch, “50 money” (Performers: Zhoujin Tang, Yin north-chen, Li)
14. Song “re-meet” Yakitori (Performers: Little Tigers)
15. Close-magic “teapot! 壶! Pot! 壶! Pot! 》(表演者:刘谦、董卿) “(Performers: Lu Chen, Dong Qing)
16. Dance “spring dance” (Performers: shrimp, Ga, etc.)
17. Sketch, “Families with graduates” (performed by: Tsai Ming, Guo Da, Guo laugh, boxwood)
18. Song “Happiness” (artist: Zhang Ye, Lu Jihong)
19. Dance, “Dream Chaser”
20. Song “Smile” (Performers: Mao Amin)

Fourth Hour
21. Acrobatic “trial sky high”
22. Interactive sessions, “Family Names”
23. Song “Long Man” (performed by: Tan Jing, Eason Chan)
24. Opera, “Red House praise Flower” (Performers: Yu Kui-chi, Li Sheng Su, Meng Lu, Yuan Huiqin, Han Zaifen, etc.)
25. Pieces “donor” (performed by: Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang, Xiao-Li Wang, Li-Rong Sun, Yu Yang)
26. Song “Paipai Pai” (Performers: Xie Xiaodong, Cai Guoqing, Wang, WU Na)
27. Song “Sunshine on the road” (Performers: Yan Weiwen)
28. Children’s Songs Lian Chang “We have grown up together and the motherland” (Performers: Li Gu Yi, Hu Songhua, Li Danyang, Miao-Ke, Li Muzi, etc.)
29. Song “revival” (Performers: Dai Yuqiang, Yin Xiumei)

0:00 bell

Fifth Hour
30. Song “Golden Age Uygur” (Performers: Yu Junjian, Zhang Yan, Chen Sisi)
31. Dialogue, “lying praised funny” (performed by: Jia Ling, white Kennan)
32. Network Song Lian Chang Tang Chao, Pang Long, Lv Wei, etc.
33. Dancing Wu, “chess”
37. Song combination “Beautiful Journey” (Phoenix Legend, etc.)
35. Dialogue, “big box” (Performers: LI Wai Kin, Wu Bin)
36. Song “I want to sing,” etc. (Performers: Shi Peng, Xiong Rulin, etc.)
37. Song “Spring Ballet” (Performers: Anna, youngest red)
38. Curtain call song, “memorable Tonight” (performed by: Guan, animal husbandry, village, Xin Tong Iron)
(Source: Tencent and Xinmin 2.12.10)


3 Responses

  1. It’s 7pm now!! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye!


  3. Yes Channel 47 for Starhub user….I am watching it now, currently is item 7 showing as of now.

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