13 Feb. 2010 – Faye Is Back!


4 Responses

  1. it was very good! but how come it was lipsync? Wasnt there a new law that prohibits artists from lipsyncing?

  2. Yeah! It was great!

    Didn’t seem like lipsync to me. But I was concentrating on recording the audio and wasn’t paying close attention. But if it was lipsyncing, then I wonder if the rule was that the performance had to be live with lipsync as an option.

  3. Yes, the screens were nicer than I expected since they could move. I am pretty sure its lipsync since its exact the same as the rehearsals and you can tell a difference between live and cd. but the other artists were also lipsyncing and it doesnt really matter to me because at least now we ll have the CD version. If else I would be hoping for the coming years for a leak XD (still do)

  4. Faye actually does better live because she can sync with the audience. I guess going with prerecorded canned music makes it easier to coordinate the live production. I wish they had allowed Faye’s segment to be live. Maybe next year. Like you, I can’t wait for the CD version, which should be a lot better in terms of sound quality.

    WOW! Faye’s back! I can’t believe it!

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