Dan & Hubert: Better Versions of Faye’s ‘Legend’ MP3

Dan on 14 Feb 2010 said:

There is no doubt that Faye did sang live, but maybe the one that is broadcasted worldwide that everyone seen on tv is not entirely the live footage she sang that day. Some discussion from fans said maybe it is precorded live + live footage(feb 13). But it doesn’t matter, Faye performed well.

This is the mp3 studio version.


Thanks to wongfei.org fan, Koji for sharing the mp3.

[Feifan: Dan, I wasn’t able to download this studio version. Any way we can get it from a different site?]

Hubert on 14 Feb 2010 said:


This one is better. Not the live version

[Feifan: Hubert, I was able to download and convert it to MP3:]

Hubert on 14 Feb 2010 said:

You can download it from http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/417395d7-1965-11df-8954-0015c55db73d/29d65a53/

I tried to download it from tianya, but it didn’t work.


4 Responses

  1. Dan and Hubert, thank you very much! I wasn’t able to get the download from the box.net site, but I did OK with the tianya site.

    The studio version is definitely a vast improvement over the live recording!

  2. How can I just get an mp3 of this performance? Thanks. Hitting it on repeat on youtube is not fun. Thanks in advance.

  3. M, this site is set up to make downloading of videos and MP3s very easy. On the “About” page, see item #2, “Downloading videos and MP3s.”

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