Dan: High-Definition Video of Faye’s ‘Legend’

Dan on 15 Feb 2010 said:

HD Video of Faye’s Legend. Join all parts after downloading them. Video found on wongfei.org.







Still from the HD video. Click photo for a full-size view.


12 Responses

  1. OMG! Thanks, Danny! An HD version should be absolutely breathtaking! Thanks, too, to wongfei.org!

    Added 2.15.10: Downloaded all 6 RAR files and combined them with Winrar. The HD resolution is STUNNING! It feels as though I’m standing a foot away from Faye. I can see her up close, every detail of her face. She is so beautiful! The audio, too, sounds fabulous. I’m not sure if I did something wrong in the extracting or combining, but the video-audio sync is off. Still, it’s a minor problem when compared to the visual impact! Thanks so much, Danny. This is technically, by far, the best video I’ve seen of Faye. And the entire stage effects is glorious, in color and resolution.

  2. thank you very much!!!

  3. Thanks again for the work you do on this. It really is a great service.

    I have been away and just back to Asia today. I have not managed to download part 2 but all other parts worked. Could you please re-upload Part 1.

    Very excited that this will be a real year to remember… Even if we may have to wait till November or December for a full concert. I think that we can look forward to something special.

  4. Thank you so much. Wonderful performance, great to see Faye back on the stage, and in High Definition. I wish there was more available in HD.

    Cheers from the Netherlands

  5. Faye is wearing grey coloured contact lenses! Cool. I tried them out back in college, but made my eyes too dry. Makes her look very “2046”.

  6. this is way off topic (16 years off), but I wish THIS performance was in HD:

    her best rendition of 我愿意 (I think)

  7. Thank you so much for the HD vid! Is there anyway to upload this on another upload site like megaupload as well?

    We may be subbing this at

    And I agree Faye is breathtaking. She was meant for HD.

  8. Here’s part 2 of the RAR files:


  9. Some people think her new hairstyle makes her look old and mumsy. I reckon she is still looking pretty stunning. Not to mention her velvety voice.

  10. I agree that Faye looks stunning. I think we’re going to see the more cutting edge Faye this year as she gradually returns to her career.

  11. Feifan, my blog is featuring a watch Faye was wearing, the Cartier Pasha…hehe.

  12. Hello,

    Does anyone know where I could still find this video, seeing as those links are now broken ?

    Thank you !

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