Faye’s First Concert on Oct 22 in Beijing

The latest rumor is that Faye Wong’s (王菲) first come back concert is scheduled for 22 October 2010 in Beijing. (Source sina.com, 3.2.10)

Added 3.3.10: According to Faye’s manager, Katie Chen  (陈家瑛), the opening concert will be held at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center Stadium. The indoor arena can accommodate 5,000 people. A press conference is scheduled, in Beijing, for the end of April or early May to announce the details.

Added 6.8.10: In the afternoon of June 7, the online ticket site Micro-Bo posted an announcement: “Faye Wong Beijing Concert on 22 Oct 2010 at the Wukesong Indoor Stadium. Faye Wong fans — don’t miss this!” Micro-Bo also announced the booking telephone and website. Another source said the Shanghai concert has been scheduled for November at the Pudong Expo Performing Arts Center. Earlier, there were speculations on whether the tickets would be cheap, average cost, or as high as 2,000 yuan, and whether Faye’s performance at each show would last only a half hour. (Source: Southern Metropolis Daily and http://www.chinataiwan.org, 6.8.10)

Added 6.8.10: Katie, Faye’s manager, asks fans to be patient and not to be fooled by overzealous and possibly unscrupulous promoters. She said that plans have yet to be finalized for the concerts, and ticket prices haven’t been determined. Fans should wait a month or two for an official announcement re ticket sales and prices. Thus, the best course of action at this point is to simply wait. Patiently. (Source: Zaobao.com, 6.9.10)

Added 6.8.10: Video below.


2 Responses

  1. I cannot be there, again…
    I hope there would be another concert scheduled during the Christmas.

  2. I will be flying from DC to Beijing to make sure to catch the concert no matter what! How to buy tickets is what I have to figure out

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