Faye Is ‘Busy’ Writing Songs for Her New Album

About a week ago, a rumor spread through the media that Faye Wong’s (王菲)
good friend, Li Jian (李健), who wrote “Legend,” has said that Faye has been busy working on her new album. He said that he would be very happy to write a few songs for her.

Dan 15 March 2010: This photo was taken when Faye sang Liu Nian at an award ceremony in China in 2002.

Yan Kiat 15 March 2010: Here’s the video of Faye’s live performance of “Liu Nian.”

I resisted publishing the rumor at the time, opting instead to wait for corroboration from a valid source. In the last few days, the rumor making the rounds in the media is that Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), Faye’s husband, has confirmed to reporters that Faye is busy writing songs for her new album.

Twelve has been mentioned in terms of the number of songs she’s written thus far. According to the reports, Faye often stops what she’s doing at home to jot down notes for her songs, and she seems to be happy in this creative mode. When asked about the compositions, LYP said that he hasn’t heard or seen the actual songs. He said that even between husband and wife, some privacy is important.


8 Responses

  1. Let’s take a deep breath and wait… Yeah!

  2. faye’s music makes my life more beautiful. can’t wait.

    what occasion is shown in the picture? thx.

  3. Yan Kiat, this wait is going to be excruciating! The best case scenario would be an album of all Faye compositions — music and lyrics! Second best, collaborations with other composers and lyricists. Third, a blend of songs by Faye and other writers.

    Regardless, though, any new album by Faye would be most welcome!

    Her audience is huge and includes a wide range of music tastes so her concert will probably include ballads, R&B, alternative, rock, and a cover of at least one “new” song in English.

    But Faye’s album may be more unified, i.e., if we follow past trends. It’ll probably be centered around a theme or mood. Faye is very instinctual and isn’t afraid to go with her feelings. I think this is what sets her apart from most other singers. She uses the medium of song to express where she is in her life at the moment.

    And in her songs, she depends on music rather than words to convey meaning. Faye is in touch with her self, and when she performs, she gives us a glimpse into who she really is. This kind of connectedness is rare, and it’s one of the reasons why fayenatics can never get enough of her.

  4. Chelsea, I agree. Faye doesn’t just entertain us. She transforms us. Her songs are like balm for the soul, a cool wind on a hot day, a moment of peace amid chaos, a warm fire on a chilly night, an orchid in a concrete jungle. When I listen to her music, the world stops for a moment and I’m suspended in time. There’s just me and the music, weightless and soaring effortlessly.

    Edit: Oops, forgot to respond to your question about the occasion for the photo. I’m not sure. It looks familiar, though. It could have been a promo for an album or concert. Hopefully, someone will be able to enlighten us.

  5. This photo was taken when Faye sang Liu Nian at an award ceremony in China in 2002.

  6. Here’s the video of Faye’s live performance of “Liu Nian” (that picture): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQV4WVTyJsk

    Yeah, I agree. Just like Fable and To Love, they are unified. And of course we can’t skip “Impatience” anyway. That’s my favourite. I certainly hope that Faye would make another masterpiece like these 3. :)

  7. Dan and Yan Kiat, thank you so much for the information about the photo and the URL for the video! Faye is sooo cool!

  8. This news of a new album just made my YEAR.

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