Songs You’d Like Faye to Sing in Her 2010 Concerts?

On 27 April 2008, Faye Wong Today (FWT) published its first article, Will Faye Wong Return? Today, nearly two years later, the answer is a resounding YES!

To celebrate FWT’s 2nd anniversary on the 27th, please share your thoughts on the songs that you would like her to sing in her October and November concerts. Perhaps one to five songs that you hope she will include? With a brief explanation for each choice? [Added 4.14.10]] Or even the entire concert program, with all the songs, as y.A.S.d. has done — see his comment.

Add your selections in a comment to this post between now and the 26th, and I’ll gather and post them on the 27th in a FWT anniversary article.

[Added 4.17.10] Click here to add your suggestions for Faye’s costumes, hairdo, makeup, shoes, etc.

25 Responses

  1. So me first, I will give my dreamconcert but will try to stay a bit realistic. It is an indoor stadium and it has relatively few people in the venue. I think it will start all dark and to have a little mystic music that is building up to a climax…. on the stage there is a huge curtain that is covering everything that is behind it. The stage is a normal one-way-view stage and has a little ‘catwalk’ from a few metres. So when the climax comes the curtain falls and there is silence ( like with Tian Kong in the 2003 fayenomenal tour). There is a light on the Guitarist Player and he starts to play Bored (men) and when the drums kick in there will be light on the whole band (that is on the stage!) and then Faye comes from the floor up to the stage and stand a little higher on a platform than the other people (like usual) with some fire-effects during the music intro. So we have:

    1. Opening
    2. Men , talk (welcoming) [Bored]
    3. New uptempo-ish song
    4. Zhi Ai Mo Sheng Ren (with ZYD) [Lovers and Strangers]
    5. Mung Jung Yan [Dream Person]
    –interlude— (changing clothes time), when the music of the next song starts there will be a light from the back of the stage (that was dark at first) to show the whole orchestra that is going to play), the songs that are in the next set are going to have much orchestra participation
    6. Ngam Yung (on a platform), talk [Undercurrent]
    7. Dan Yuan Ren Jian Jiu [Wishing We Last Forever]
    8. Kong Cheng [Empty City]
    9. Kai Dao Tu Mi [The Last Blossom] (platform
    –interlude–(changing clothes time), now the lights will show only the front part of the stage whith some musicians for the Accoustic Set, talking
    10. Huai Nian [Reminiscence]
    11. New Song (Accoustic)
    –the electric band comes again–, talking
    12. Ni Kuai Le Suo Yi Wo Kuai Le [You’re Happy, So I’m Happy]
    13. Jee Gei Jee Bei [Know Oneself and Each Other]
    14. Liu Liang De Hong Wu Xie [Wandering Red Shoes]
    –interlude–(changing clothes time), the orchestra kicks in again
    15. Xin Fang Ke (platform) [New Tenant]
    16. Xiang Nai er, talking [Chanel]
    17. Qi Zi [Chesspiece]
    18. Zai Jian Ying Huo Chong (platform) [Goodbye Firefly]
    –interlude– (changing clothes time, the final clothes will be an epic gown)
    19. Kap Ji Gei Dik Ching Syu, talking (thanking everybody for coming) [Love Letter to Myself]
    20. Wo Yuan Yi (platform) [I’m Willing]

    In the final song Wo Yuan Yi she will be in front of a band and the whole orchestra (which is enlighted all) with a beautiful gown singing that song passionately on a high platform with some. When the song ends after the last vocals, there will be a big outro in Wo Yuan Yi music and the platform goes down after her bow with stuff falling down the ceiling and fire effects… and the curtains will close after the last note.

  2. Wow, y.A.S.d., if Faye follows this script, she’d have to add many more performances in larger arenas and in many more cities — and extend the tour into 2011! Are the new songs in English? Or are you thinking new compositions especially by or for Faye? I really like the way you’ve described the closing song and the large number of costume changes!

    I’m praying that they’ll record one of the concerts and create a CD and a DVD. It’d be great if this could be done in the Hong Kong Coliseum on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve — but they’d have to extend the tour to HK.

  3. I wish the opening will look like LEGEND. So opening
    1) Legend
    2) Thank you for loving me
    3) Bai Ni Gu ji [Century of Loneliness]
    4) Tao Hao Zhi Ji [Ingratiate Oneself]
    5) Zai jian Ying Huo Chong [Goodbye Firefly]

  4. Raymond, yeah! A “Legend” opening similar to the one in the Spring Festival program would be wild!

    “Thank You for Hearing Me,” Faye’s cover of Sinead O’Connor’s hit, is moving. It would also make a powerful closing.

  5. The arrangement of the songs is up to Faye herself. Anyway I would suggest her to sing the following songs:
    1. Duo De Ta (1990) [Because of Him]
    2. Chuan Qi (2010) [Legend]
    3. Cui Mian (1999) [Hypnotize]
    4. You Lan Cao (2010) [Confucius Theme Song]
    5. All the songs that are composed and written by Faye herself (No matter Lyrics or Composing), especially those in album “Fu Zao/1996”, “Yu Yan/2000”, “Chang You/1998”, “Jiang Ai/2003”, “Di-Dar/1995”.. All these can’t be skipped. [Restless; Fable; Scenic Tour; To Love; Di-Dar]
    6. Leng Zhan/1993 [Cold War]
    7. Hu Si Luan Xiang & Zhi Ji Zhi Bi/1994 [Random Thoughts; Know Oneself and Each Other]
    8. Songs from Tian Kong/1994 & Fei Mi Mi/1995 [Sky; Decadent Sound of Faye]
    9. Rock songs like Guang Zhi Yi/2001, Kai Dao Tu Mi/1999. [Wings of Light; The Last Blossom]

    Lol.. I know my suggestion sounds stupid. Anyway the songs selection for “No Faye No LIve” (2003-2005) is pretty OK.. Anyway I just hope Faye would consider to sing more of her own compositions.. I believe every Fayenatics would prefer that (:

  6. Terrific list, Yan Kiat! You’ve spotlighted some of my favorite albums. It would be really cool if the concerts focused on all the songs she wrote and/or composed!

  7. 黃昏裡 [At Dusk]
    享受 [Enjoy]
    掃興 [Repressing Happiness]
    麻醉 [Anesthesia]
    臉 [Face]
    只愛陌生人 [Love Strangers]
    催眠 [Hypnosis]
    彼岸花 [Flower of Paradise]
    再見螢火蟲 [Goodbye Firefly]
    光之翼 [Wings of Light]
    流浪的紅舞鞋 [Wandering Red Shoes]
    單行道 [One-way Street]
    色盲 [Color Blind]
    不留 [No Staying (Bu Liu)]
    長大 [Grow Up]
    [added 4.21] 我愛你 [I Love You]

    (And here are the songs I hope she will NOT sing in the concert: 執迷不悔 [No Regrets], 我願意 [I’m Willing], 夢中人 [Dream Person], 愛與痛的邊緣 [Brink of Love and Pain], 半途而廢 [To Stop Halfway])

  8. I think if we hvae 3 different segment will be nice
    First segment:
    New Song from Upcoming album
    New Songs From upcoming album
    The Look of love
    Duo Luo [Decadence] (Fu Zhao Album ===> still seems like a new song
    Gan Jing Shen Huo [Emotional Life] (Chang Yao Album)
    Ye San Buo [Wild Three Hills]….Fu Zhao Album songs without lyric
    Alternative Segment:
    Wu Si Lun Xiong [Random Thoughts]
    Cold War
    Century of Loneliness
    Ingerated One Self
    closing for the second segment with Anita Mui hit song which she sings before on 1993.(i forgot the song name and also i have a date with Spring
    Interlude….only love stranger music music [Is the Anita Mui song “Like an Old Friend’s Visit” (似是故人来)?]

    2nd Segment
    The book of love
    New Song from new album
    Yi ge Xiao Xin Yuan [One Little Wish] ( Teresa Teng songs)
    GoodBye firefly
    Na Xie Hua Er [Those Flowers]
    Di Dar
    Fast Song duet with Jacky Cheung
    Interlude…Jacky Cheung take the stage for 2 songs

    3rd Segment
    Faye Wong Come back from the sky…sitting like an angel
    “Smile Angle foundation Songs”
    Reach another upper stage…singing New Tenant
    Tian Kong [Sky]
    Tian Shi [Angel]
    臉 [Face]
    光之翼 [Wings of Light]
    Kai Dao Tu Mi [The Last Blossom]
    Duo Dak Ta [Because of Him]
    Cold War
    Ying Lan Cao [Theme Song for Confucius]
    Thank You for hearing me

    New Songs
    The Journey Dont stop believing (The latest one air on the radio now where there is a girl singing at some part.)

  9. Chelsea, you’ve listed a number of great songs that aren’t usually in her concerts! Your list of exclusions is very interesting. I still like “Dream Person” a lot, but I, too, would like to see it replaced by other songs that we don’t hear as often.

  10. Raymond, I see you’ve included Jacky Cheung as a guest. That would be really cool. There’s also Na Ying and Jeff Chang from her Good Friends Concert, and Tony Leung and Carina, who’ve appeared with Faye in the past. We can’t forget Vicki Zhao, too.

    I can see how a Good Friends Concert II with all of her close friends above, including Sandy Lam and Sally Yeh, would be hugely successful!

  11. you want her to sing cold war twice?

  12. ni kuai le suoyi wo kuai le (your happy so im happy)
    men (boredom)
    kai dao ku mi (last blossom)
    duo luo (decadence) [or any of the lyricless songs off the “Restless” album, like Xiang Xiang [Imagine], or Na Er [Where])
    lian (face)
    xiao cong ming [A Little Clever]
    [Added 4.16.10] Bu Bian (Amaranthine) – quite possibly one of my favorite Faye songs ever, this song inspired me a lot many many years ago.

    i just like these songs :)

  13. Fayenatic, great choices! I love these songs, too. Restless has to be Faye’s most creative album. She composed 7 of the 10 songs!

  14. i forgot one!
    Bu Bian (Amaranthine) – quite possibly one of my favorite Faye songs ever, this song inspired me a lot many many years ago.

  15. Opening
    Emotional Life


    Medley Everything/My Loneliness/Miss You Night & Day
    Can You Hold Me Tight?
    Clarinet In A Quiet Night

    Change Clothes/Band Performance

    Dream Lover
    New Song
    New Song

    Change Clothes/Band Performance

    At Dusk
    See The Chimney Smoke Again
    Red Beans

    Change Clothes/Band Performance

    Medley I’m Willing/Reservedness/On Time/Set Date
    Spring Last Blossom
    New Tenant
    Xiang Nai Er
    Farewell Firefly

    Change Clothes/Play Family Video

    Love Commandments
    Century of Loneliness
    You’re Happy (So I’m Happy)

    Change Clothes/Band Introduction Video

    Wings of Light
    To Love
    Love Letter To Myself
    Cold War
    No Regrets

    Band music, stage design, opening and ending similar to Scenic Tour.

  16. Dan, I like the thoughtful way you’ve set up this program. Faye is always concerned about satisfying her fans, and medleys are a way to get a lot of songs into the concert. Also, every segment includes some super big hits so there’s no slowdown throughout.

    Faye opened Scenic Tour with “Emotional Life” and Live! with “Sky,” and I like your choice of the two for the first segment. I really like “Emotional Life” as the opener because it rocks — especially with a great drummer! It’ll probably never happen, but wouldn’t it be great if Dou Wei made a special appearance in this song?

    If my count is correct, you’re suggesting 6 costume changes! Alright! Faye’s concerts are about her costumes, too, and the more changes the better! In fact, I’ll set up a second post in the next few hours on what fayenatics would like to see Faye wear in the concerts — costumes, makeup, hairdo, shoes, etc.

  17. Well i think since this is Shanghai… possiblity for Canton songs. So i need to pulll out some of the canton songs. Meantime Cold war have mandarin and canton version.

    y.A.s.d, you caught me for listing it twice. Hehe….that was nice……

    But to be realistic, Faye is under Sony now. So i dont think Sony wish her to sing all her old songs….so more to new album , so no choice each of 4 to 5 songs from each of the Sony album will be the main target. So overall not that Fayenatic concert

  18. Here are some songs I’d like to see, in no particular order:

    -A Little Clever
    -one of her songs with nonsensical lyrics: Where, Wild Three Hills, or Imagine (it would be cool if she sang one of these live; I don’t think she ever has)
    -na xie huar er [Those Flowers] (I think this song is Faye’s best cover)
    -I Believe (I know this probably not that lively of a song, but I love the lyrics and its laid-back indifference but underlying hope)
    -Darling Sunlight
    -Rhetoric (another cover)
    -Eyes On Me (her version is soooo good; if you’ve ever heard the other vocalists’ versions, they are awful…)

    I also wouldn’t mind if parts of the concert were really dark (to the point you can barely see) like her HK concert 98-99. I think this helps Faye get carried away by the music more*~

    I wouldn’t hope too much for new songs, though. Lately, it seems hard for artists to really be inspired (something to do with the collective-conscious I think). I would rather wait for Faye to create something really special. I personally did not not like the Legend song at all… sorry. Faye’s voice was still beautiful, though!

  19. Away, great list. I especially like your comments. I really like “Those Flowers,” too, but the versions I’ve heard are poorly recorded. A studio version or a professional live recording from her concert would be nice.

    I feel the same about “Legend.” It doesn’t knock me off my feet. It sounds, maybe, too much like a Buddhist sutra. I have nothing against Faye’s spiritual songs, but I like her pop, rock, folk, alternative, R&B better.

    Interesting thought about why the vacuum in creative new songs. It does seem as though there’s a collective consciousness among song writers. When the spirit strikes, the songs come in waves.

    Faye is just the person to generate a new wave of creativity in the Chinese music scene. For that kind of magic to occur, though, I think she needs to sit down in a studio with some of her former creative partners such as Zhang Yadong and Dou Wei or even Nic Tse.

  20. oh, and 我愛你 [I Love You]. I’d love to hear her sing it live. A Zhang Yadong Medley would be cool.

  21. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of Faye singing “I Love You.” She’s had a lot of hits with ZYD!

  22. I wish Faye wong sings these songs!

    流星 [Meteor]
    假期 [Vacation]
    只爱陌生人 [Love Strangers]
    梦游 [Sleepwalk]
    约定 [Promised]
    堕落 [Decadence]
    末日 [Doomsday] (the1998 live rendition was super nice!)
    无常 [Sporadic]
    脸 [Face]
    为非作歹 [Being Criminal]
    开到荼蘼 [The Last Blossom]
    背影 [Back Shadow]
    暧昧 [Scandalous]
    天不变地变 [Sky Doesn’t Changes; Earth Changes]
    执迷不悔 [No Regrets]
    梦中人 [Dreamer]
    棋子 [Chesspiece]
    流非飞 [Flow Not Fly] (if i could ask for so much!)

    one can dream rite :P

  23. feifan, your mentioning of Nic Tse reminds me of the song “MV”
    i love it to death
    it is extremely challenging to sing it live
    hope faye will consider singing it

  24. Bonjour, avec du retard une nouvelle liste tres passing cloud-fly-nouveau locataire-.chess- donner a mi chemin – feeble-bohemiian rhapsody- flowwer sur l autrte rive- reminesense- eyes on my- commandant love- je ne veut tenir une prommesse – vertigo – yan-liu nian- red bean – ambivalance- youremappy – the flower- tu est heureux je suis content – nous souhaitons last forever – smoke – passenger – chanel – butterfly love -mortal mondial – nos regret. Particularite se sont toutes des chassons de Faye avec une double orchestration ces musicien plus un grand orchestre classic comme lefinal de no regret en 94 a hong kong ou le concert heinken avec le grand orchestre derriere elle cest la aussi que je la trouve la plus belle , son maquillage et quelle degage le plus d emotion.Donc pourquoi pas rever a un concert Faye classic. Au sujet de FAYE j aimerais rajouter que c est une trs belle femme physiquement ,mais moi avec toutes l emotion quelle degage (pour moi) je trouve quelle est belle dans sa tete tres saine .bye bye

  25. I’d be very happy to attend a concert with Raymond Chua’s or Fayenatic’s selections. Plenty of rock/pop numbers, not mostly ballads; especially Hypnotise and anything by Zhang Yadong. Plus of course a good number of Faye’s own songs, particularly Imagine from the Restless album, or the song cycle (tracks 1-5) from Fable.

    Although I’m English, none of Faye’s cover versions of English songs are my favourites.

    What I’d love to hear most of all is Faye covering some of Sa Dingding’s songs, esp. Wanwu Sheng 万物生 and Qin Shang 琴伤. (Check them on Youtube if you don’t know them.) Sa Dingding’s composition plus Faye’s voice, wow!

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