Spacewoman Hoax: To Delete the Post or Not?

danny on 14 April 2010 said:

hello can u delete this topic? cause not worth to mention about!

Feifan’s reply on 14 April 2010: Hi, Danny. Faye Wong Today is a source for the latest news about Faye, and sometimes the news is a hoax, as in this case. Hoaxes and rumors, as long as they are identified as such in subsequent updates, become part of the “history” of Faye, and I’d like to keep them up. I think they tell us a lot about Faye’s immense popularity. The media is so hungry for photos, videos, and news about her that a suspicious release (3 photos in an envelope with very little identification of the sender except Katie’s name) is published in numerous major periodicals.

In the original FWT post, I was careful to use words such as “rumored” and “alleged” to make sure that readers were aware that the news may not be accurate. Thus, I don’t think we’ve lost any credibility or integrity.

Up until now, I think I’ve been consistent in not deleting posts that were found to be less than accurate. Instead, I’ve added updates to warn the readers of the inaccuracy. In this way, I hope to maintain FWT’s reputation as a credible publication that doesn’t try to hide its errors. When errors are exposed, we add a correction — but we don’t delete the post.

Re this hoax — I don’t consider it “evil” or “bad.” Instead, I think of it as an innocent prank that’s not aimed at hurting Faye. In fact, I feel that it actually points to a style that’s more daring — one that used to define Faye at her best. To some extent, I hope that she follows up on this publicity and considers an edgier style for her public image. I don’t mean to say that she should dress up as an alien from outer space, but taking risks similar to this may not be a bad idea.

In closing, I just want to say that I’ve always respected and appreciated your views and have learned a lot from you. I’ve benefited from your legendary generosity and owe many of my rarest and most valuable mp3s and videos to you. Most importantly, I’ve benefited from your guidance over the years.

Finally, I consider you one of Faye’s genuine fans, a person whose every effort is designed to help and protect Faye. I hope you’ll see my efforts with FWT in the same light. I try to report all the latest news about Faye to English speakers the world over, and, in the process, I have Faye’s best interest at heart.

Correction 4.15.10: There’s a Danny and a Dan in FWT. The first 4 paragraphs above are meant for the Danny that requested the deletion. The last 2 paragraphs refer to Dan, who did not request the deletion. Apologies to both, especially Dan. Apologies also to the readers for the confusion.


6 Responses

  1. @Feifan: I admire your integrity and completeness in reporting any and all latest news about Faye. I check your post everyday! Keep up the good work. I and millions of fans are very appreciative of your contribution to the Fayenatics community!

  2. Yeah Feifan, you’d built a wonderful palace for the English-speaking Fayenatic communities. Thank you very much.

    P/s: And I apologised for my English (the grammar and word of choice maybe wrong sometimes) because my first language is actually Mandarin. Anyway all of us love Faye, so let’s ‘jiayou’ together =D

  3. Vikki and Yan Kiat, thanks for the vote of confidence! Since the request was from Danny, I felt it deserved a complete response. Among Fayenatics, I don’t think Faye has a more loyal white knight than Danny. But the rest of us aren’t far behind in loyalty and will do everything we can to support and defend Faye. Faye forever! Faye jiayou!

  4. That Danny is not me. I use Dan here. I am the Danny at All About Ah Faye Forum.

  5. Dan, sorry about the mix-up! I’ll add a corection right away.

  6. Thanks Feifan!!!

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