Faye in Yushu Quake Relief Program

On 20 April 2010, Faye Wong participated in CCTV’s “Live Without Boundaries: Charity Donation Night for Yushu Quake.” These photos are from the opening song, “We Surmount.” They were taken directly from the video. We’ll be posting additional photos and videos as they become available. Added 4.21.10: Notice the shots of Faye with her left hand on the shoulder of the guy to her right. At first, I thought it was just a friendly gesture. But on second thought, I’m wondering if it’s a way to keep him from bumping or pushing into her.

Added 4.20.10: photo below
Added 4.20.10: photos below


10 Responses

  1. Initially Faye was supposed to stand in the first row (in the rehearsal), and beside Na Ying.
    I guess Faye doesn’t want the anti-fans and the reporters to speak too much. That’s why in the end she chose to stand in the last row, with only half of her face shown.
    She’s really a nice person. Role model for charity. :]

  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”

    Any specific reason? O.O

  3. To prevent spam post i think.

  4. The mp4 video of the relief show, the online version from cntv.cn.


    [video src="http://cid-061743635a5a5bf4.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/2010-04-20%20CCTV%E7%8E%89%E6%A0%91%E8%B5%88%E7%81%BE-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%BC%97%E5%BF%97%E6%88%90%E5%9F%8E.mp4" /]

    This is the rehearsal video, but i couldn’t play it, Feifan please download and upload it again if possible, thanks!!!


  5. Hi, Yan Kiat. Re the message “Your comment is awaiting moderation” — your comment will post immediately without moderation if you log in from an email address that’s been approved in the past for posting. That is, if you log in from email address X and post a comment, it awaits moderation if it’s your first comment. After I approve it, your future comments are automatically published.

    The only time this doesn’t work is when you log in from a different email address, e.g., Y. WordPress identifies you by your earlier email address, X, so if you use a different one, Y, you’re treated as a new poster. I hope this explanation makes sense.

    This whole process, as Dan says, is to avoid spam, which can easily get way out of control.

  6. when will Faye change her hairstyle……

    I miss the Uhm faye

  7. Thanks Feifan, and thanks to Dan for the videos also. =D

  8. I don’t like that hairstyle…

  9. To Feifan, I am absolutely disappointed for the two men beside Faye.
    Yes, as what had been arranged earlier, Faye supposed to stand in the first row. However, (maybe due to some other participants who turned up suddenly), they joined the group from side, and pushed them. Faye is the pity one who had been pushed until there is no place for her to stand and sing properly. And the men beside her were not gentleman enough, that’s why Faye had to go to the back row. Sigh.

  10. ah… what is Faye wearing? Haha, I’m confused! it looks like a sweatpant jumpsuit, at first I thought it was an 80’s style power jumpsuit (which I’d dig with a pair of heels), but on closer inspection, the material looks like cotton jersey, and sneakers! ah… I’m not sold on this pj-onesy look. :D

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