Songs We’d Like to Hear in Faye’s 2010 Concerts

To celebrate Faye Wong Today’s second anniversary on April 27, 2010, we asked participants to submit the songs they wanted to hear in Faye’s upcoming 2010 concerts. Nine responded, and here are links to their lists:

1. y.A.S.d.’s List
2. Raymond Chua’s List
3. Yan Kiat’s List
4. chelsea’s List
5. Raymond Chua’s 2nd List
6. fayenatic’s List
7. Dan’s List
8. away’s List
9. Raint’s list

Many suggested entire albums such as Restless. However, we decided to include only song titles that were mentioned. Some listed titles as parts of medleys. These were treated as individual songs for the purposes of this informal survey. The total number of titles submitted was 84.

[We also asked fayenatics to share their opinions on what they’d like to see her wear during her concert performances, and these can be found in Costumes, Makeup, Hairdo, Shoes for Faye’s 2010 Concerts?]

The two songs most frequently mentioned were “Goodbye Firefly” and “The Last Blossom,” with 6 each:
Goodbye Firefly (6)

Last Blossom (6)

The next six songs received 4 votes apiece:
Cold War (4)

Face (4)

Hypnotize (4)

Legend (4)

Love Strangers (4)

Wings of Light (4)

The following seven songs received 3 votes apiece:
Bored (3)

Century of Loneliness (3)

Decadence (3)

Dreamer (3)

New Tenant (3)

Undercurrent (3)

You’re Happy, So I’m Happy (3)

The following 26 songs received 2 votes apiece:
A Little Clever (2)
At Dusk (2)
Because of Him (2)
Chanel (2)
Chesspiece (2)
Confucius Theme Song (2)
Di Dar (2)
Doomsday (2)
Emotional Life (2)
I’m Willing (2)
Imagine (2)
Ingratiate Oneself (2)
Know Oneself and Each Other (2)
Lost (2)
Love Letter to Myself (2)
No Regrets (2)
Random Thoughts (2)
Scandalous (2)
Sky (2)
Sleepwalk (2)
Thank You for Hearing Me (2)
Those Flowers (2)
Vacation (2)
Wandering Red Shoes (2)
Where (2)
Wild Three Hills (2)

The remaining 43 songs received 1 vote each:
Back Shadow
Being Criminal
Book of Love
Can You Hold Me Tight?
Clarinet in a Quiet Night
Color Blind
Darling Sunlight
Empty City
Eyes On Me
Flower of Paradise
Grow Up
I Believe
I Love You
Look of Love
Love Commandments
Miss You Night & Day
My Loneliness
No Staying
On Time
One Little Wish
One-way Street
Red Beans
Repressing Happiness
See The Chimney Smoke Again
Set Date
Sky Doesn’t Changes; Earth Changes
Smile Angel Foundation Song
To Love
Wishing We Last Forever


9 Responses

  1. Great job Feifan! Thank you very much. =D

  2. Feifan, I just want to tell you that I love this site and all the work you put into it. I always enjoy seeing what’s posted on here! I thank you for your efforts!

  3. A.rajouter,flower sur l autre rive ,asura, feeble, passing cloud une de ces plus b elle chanson, yan idiot, smoke, fly, passager, dont love any one, je ne vais pas aimer quelqun qui ne meme pas ,pledge, je n arrive pas a me reveiller, soit une bonne douzaines de chanssons oubliees parmis mes prefferees.UN site fabuleux que je suis ts les jours . MERCI A VOUS TOUS.Une mention a Feifan.

  4. Yan Kiat and fayenatic, thank you very much for your kind words. FWT wouldn’t be possible without your help and that of many others, and I’m grateful to be part of an international community that fully supports Faye in all that she does. Faye forever!

    Yvan, c’est avec plaisir. Merci for your list of Faye favorites and your kind words. The French fayenatics have always been among Faye’s strongest supporters, and I’ve always admired their loyalty to Faye. Faye toujours!

  5. bravo feifan!

    re: You’re Happy, So I’m Happy – i hope she will do a rock rendition of it (many years ago, Jan Lamb did one and it ROCKED)

  6. kinda supris to see “To love” dont receive vote. We know she is under Sony now. No way this song wont be include.
    And also Flower of paradise. Na xie hua er……

  7. Chelsea, do you know if Jan Lamb’s rocked-out version of “You’re Happy, So I’m Happy” was ever available in video? Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m dying to hear it! These are the kinds of experiments that Faye might want to try.

    Raymond, me too! I was stunned by the number of songs that were omitted in the lists. But even more stunning is the fact that the lists included 84 songs! Heck, I can’t think of any artist who can list 84 top hits — and still omit many, many more. I think we could easily come up with 84 additional Faye hits!

    That’s the wonder of Faye. Everything she does turns to gold. Her accomplishments are beyond measurement, and her potential is limitless. It’s been over five years since her last concert, and we’re still discovering videos and stills of performances that were never widely circulated. Even when she’s been out of the limelight for so long, she is still electrifying. Simply amazing!

  8. yes, thanks feifan for her effort in giving us faye fans her news and a platform to interact~

    i have only heard power station’s rock version of you’re happy so im happy. very interested to hear jan lamb’s version if someone can provide a link!

  9. “Everything she does turns to gold”. i love this quote Feifan. Recently I was listening to some of Faye’s music with a friend who doesn’t even understand the Chinese language or know much about Chinese music, but she commented “Wow, her voice is so amazing that she just makes every song sound like a hit.” Faye shows that great music is universal!

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