Deb – Emmy the Great Covering Faye’s ‘One Person, Two Roles’

Deb on 29 April 2010 said:

I just found a clip of a singer called Emmy the Great covering Faye’s One Person, Two Roles:

Appears Emmy grew up in HK and is half chinese and half english. She’s lived in England and originally just wanted to be a backing singer but has now become a solo artist. I’ve watched some of her songs on youtube and she’s pretty awesome. Thought it was cool that a new artist who’s so talented is covering Faye. At the end of this clip she admits that “I love her (Faye)” – she’s one of us! :)

Added by feifan on 4.29.10 – Video (一人分飾兩角), above, of Emmy uploaded to YouTube by 0ochyWoochy on 3 July 2009. Video, below, from Faye’s HK 1998-99 concert.


One Response

  1. helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    i find out this vedio on youtube,

    do you have any more info about this concert? many thanks..


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