Faye Was in Singapore to See Vicki

Faye Wong returned to Beijing on 12 May 2010 after a brief visit in Singapore with her very close friend Vicki Zhao (赵薇 Zhao Wei). The boarding pass below is alleged to be Faye’s. If the photo is valid, she must have inadvertently left it in the seat pocket and a lucky passenger or flight attendant found it and took a photo. Imagine boarding a flight and finding such a treasure!


5 Responses

  1. But you could see the thumb with coloured nail! Doesn’t it remind you of Faye’s coloured nails when she performed Chuan Qi on CNY eve?

  2. Yan Kiat — so it could be Faye’s thumb!!! She could’ve snapped it with her cell!

  3. Feifan – Haha, yeah, I think it’s very interesting! And I’m excited to see the new photo and video posted by Zing!

  4. Ow…she came to SINGAPORE and we all don’t know – so sad. :-)

  5. Wubing, I think it was kept really quiet. I read something about their using a special VIP arrival area at the airport. It was so secret that not even a single photo has surfaced. Apparently, they went to a karaoke and had fun, with everyone singing, including Faye. The primary reason for the visit was for Faye to see Vicki’s baby, who is very healthy. I’m really glad to see that their friendship is still as close as ever. The coolest thing about Faye is her friendships.

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