Neville – Faye’s ‘Forgiveness’ Video

neville on 23 May 2010 said:

Here’s one I’ve never head before: “Forgiveness” (宽恕 kuān shù), ending theme song from 2003 TV series “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” (天龙八部 Tian Long Ba Bu):

It starts 30 seconds into this video:

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And here’s Faye in 1994, dancing to a couple of oldies: Sally Yeh’s 1985 Night Wind (晚风)and another called Dream (梦) with Leon Lai. Nice to see Faye dancing, even if the songs are not the most interesting.

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4 Responses

  1. I have to say that Faye’s voice is vert consistent. I do not think that her voice has changed over the years unlike some singers. Do you guys agree?

  2. Nice post. Really enjoy to see Faye acting the Shanghai songbird.

  3. hmm.. i do think her voice sounds very very different over the years. very possibly due to the way she projects it and also very possibly due to her body condition… but ever so soothing and endeaering!

  4. Faye’s studio recordings are dependably wonderful, but she generally seems much more restrained on stage these days. I’d even say her voice was tense for a lot of the recorded 2003 Faye Live concert performance, and again for the 2010 New Year gala song. The pressure will really be on her for this year’s comeback events. We have to let her be who she is today, not demanding “bu bian” unfading youthfulness.

    Meanwhile, I do love these videos from the mid-90s that show her looking so relaxed and happy!

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