Deb – When Faye Returns with a New Album . . .

Deb on 15 June 2010 said:

It will be very interesting to see the reaction if/when Faye really comes back over the next year with a new album. I’m not up to date with the recent Cantopop scene so I don’t know who are the competition. But appears Faye is still high profile and has somewhat of a legendary status. Hopefully the comeback is strong and glorious, I would not want her to have a mediocre comeback and tarnish such an amazing career.


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  1. was reported that her manager has said she will not release any more albums in her lifetime, but will continue to come up with songs ad hoc to share with her fans.

  2. I’m sure her comeback will be more than glorious!! You know how many current canto-pop artists see her as their idol/inspiration? Faye never disappoints… i have confidence in her.

  3. No more albums? :(
    Luckily feifan does a great job in keeping me up to date with Faye music! I have seen many Faye wannabes fail miserably over the years, yet new ones keep trying – someone really should tell these poor souls to find someone less talented to emulate! ahaha!

    I read an article dated June 14, about the head guy at AEG in China (entertainment venue company) and he mentions negotiating Faye Wong concerts at the Beijing Wukesong arena and the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Its amazing what you can find when you search for Faye Wong in Google Books, News etc.

  4. I just hope that she continues to make music. I don’t care if the album has her pictures or not (just like her 胡思亂想 album).

    Her latest image (see “Apr 2010” pic) is totally disappointing.

  5. Her latest image is disappointing? On the contrary, I find it refreshing and exciting.

  6. i guess pple have a favourite side of faye they wish to see more of, probably the latest photos are her being so at peace w things ard her tt she didnt need to present her signature ‘rebellious’ n ‘heck it’ looks. im expecting a diff faye image, but im hopeful tt her music will retain its magic on me!

  7. Yes, her looks in the pics for Feb 2010 and Apr 2010 are very 1990s, passé; the “Legend” bob do has simply got to go. Having that said, her face and body are still to die for.

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