Neville – How I Discovered Faye!

neville on 16 June 2010 said:

Here’s [my story] then, feifan! I was visiting Malaysia in Feb 1995 and there were loads of trailers leading up to a broadcast of one of Faye’s 1994 concerts at the HK Coliseum, so I watched it and recorded it on VHS. I enjoyed it a lot, even without understanding a word, but was only really hooked when I came across the tape again years later. That led me to start buying Faye’s out-of-print albums and her films on eBay or in Chinese shops; I have a pretty good set now! I also got into watching/buyng Wong Kar Wai’s other films, and even learning a bit of Chinese, which let’s face it is pretty difficult! So far I can sing about two and a half Faye songs from memory.

I have this song with Softhard on the 4-disc so-called “Complete Collection”. The copy on this page is missing Faye’s delightful giggle at the end — but there is now a complete version at

[Here’s the song Neville is referring to — ]

From Delirium-Zer0 1 March 2009: Don’t Be Shy (with Softhard).mp3


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  1. In context — the above was originally posted at

  2. I love this Softhard song, the lyrics are hilarious. I really thought Cantorap had a future when this song came out… too bad they didn’t last long.

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