Faye’s 2010 Concert Posters

Update 7.10.10: Tickets for Faye’s Beijing shows began selling on Friday, and in less than 10 minutes, the 300 yuan and 2,500 yuan tickets were sold out. Tickets are priced at 300 yuan (RM141), 500 yuan (RM236), 1,000 yuan (RM471), 1,500 yuan (RM707) and 2,000 yuan (RM942) and 2,500 yuan (RM1,178). (Source: China News, dailychilli, 7.10.10)


8 Responses

  1. Hey,

    did you manage to get tickets for the concerts? i want to buy tickets but cant manage to get one. dont know since i live outside china. and argh i read that most tickets are already sold out

  2. OMGGGGGG. I’m leaving Shanghai before her concerts there start, unfortunately. These posters look awesome, love the high fashion element, it’s so Faye.

  3. I’m from Malaysia, i want to know that where can i buy Faye Concert 2010 ticket in Malaysia???? Urgent! Cannot miss it ! Thanks for you reply ^^

  4. How can a US citizen buy tickets? Someone help? Ebay?

  5. Click here for a recent post with a phone number. You might want to call one or both numbers for info. Please let us know what you learn.

  6. Love the look! Incomparable better than her “Legend” image.

    Faye is stunningly beautiful. More beautiful than ever. The pic you picked for “June 2010” shows what I love most about Faye. Her nonchalant beauty and effortless elegance.

    Hope her renditions of her classic hits in her upcoming concert will be rearrangements (like “Boring” and “Only Love Strangers” in her last HK concert).

  7. Dear fellow fans, does anyone know if the shanghai concerts tickets are up for sale yet?

  8. Hi, Blyss. Click here.

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