Faye’s Photo Shoot in Paris – Late June 2010

Faye Wong (王菲) was on a shoot in Paris, in late June 2010, when these photos were taken. She looks absolutely radiant and beautiful! Her smile in the top photo is so natural and relaxed, sending one and all the message that she is truly back — and happy to be back. The second photo tells us that she’s back with her own sense of humor intact, playful as ever and never taking herself too seriously. The Celine fashions are fabulous! They fit Faye perfectly in terms of sophistication, simple elegance, and quality. I really like the way they’re allowing Faye to be Faye, natural and simple yet infinitely glamorous. The message is a simple one: Faye is definitely back, more beautiful than ever!


5 Responses

  1. LOVE IT

  2. did zing draw something on her eyes? so wanna see her zoomed in face in these photos!~

  3. CLASS! :)

  4. Tro belle, se style lui va a ravir, elle portrait a merveille les robes chinoises 1900 style 2046, de plus comme elle est trs grande et surtous tres fine et non maigrePour moi Faye c est une princesse mais surtout on voie q uelle degage en plus de sa beautee physique quelle est belle dans sa tete et dans son coeur .Merci a vous melle faye i love faye.

  5. Faye always looks so stunning and gorgeous!!
    you are the BEst!!!
    gOOD lUCK!! Hope to see faye In Malaysia soon!!

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