Faye to Appear at July 19 Press Conference

The press conference for “Faye Wong (王菲) Concert Tour 2010” has been scheduled for July 19 at the Beijing International Hotel. Reports indicate that over 500 media representatives hope to attend the conference. But the General Assembly room has limited space and can only accommodate an estimated 200-300 media staff. To avoid confusion, the organizers decided that the media would be allowed in by invitation only. According to some sources, Faye has long indicated that the conference would not be an interview session. Its primary purpose will be to announce concert details and to thank those who are supporting Faye’s return.

Faye Misses Performing Live On Stage

Rumors have been widespread that Faye is returning to perform because of economic problems. However, according to reports, Faye’s return is based on the fact that Faye now has time to consider a return, and she and Katie Chen (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying) have been chatting about how much they miss the stage. This chat set Katie in motion, and she began preparations in November 2009, completing the contracts by the end of December.

Ticket Sales Breaks Record

“Faye Wong Concert Tour 2010” tickets have been on sale since last Friday, and according to pre-sale ticketing companies, sales have broken all previous records. Faye will have 10 performances, split evenly between Beijing and Shanghai. According to reports, the concert organizers asked Faye’s manager, Katie, to consider accommodating an additional five to eight million people by moving the concerts to a large outdoor stadium, but Faye has declined. Faye feels that a big stadium would place the audience too far from the stage. She’d rather have the audience closer to feel their enthusiasm and reaction. “If too far away,” she’s alleged to have said, “I would only see the audience as shadows. We may as well go home and listen to records.”

(Source 21CN music, 14 July 2010)


7 Responses

  1. Faye please announce that you will have concerts as well as in other region! Malaysian&Singaporean Fayenatics welcome you =D

  2. I hope Faye can consider have concerts over here Malaysia & Singapore… Love you Faye :)

  3. I heard Beijing is already sold out!

  4. My mum in HK told me that the tickets were sold out in 10mins! Maybe they can surprise us with live streaming (since its already sold out).. fat chance!

  5. How do I get tickets for the Beijing concert? Please help – I need 2 tickets! Thanks.

  6. Deb, wouldn’t it be great if they did live stream the concert to the whole world — as they did Faye’s spring festival “Legend” performance?

    But I guess that wouldn’t be fair to Faye and the fans who’re paying for the privilege of seeing her live.

    The next best thing is a concert DVD based on the live performance — in Blu-ray and high-resolution audio! With a full-sized poster and a booklet of concert photos!

    Michelle, beyond the phone numbers we posted here, I don’t have a clue. Hopefully some of our regulars will be able to give us that info.

    My guess is that, as Deb and Yona say, they’re sold out. But many of the tickets are being scalped online for much more than their original price, and you have to be careful not be ripped off.

    According to reports I’ve read, the most expensive and cheapest tickets went in the first 10 minutes. I haven’t heard any more about the remaining tickets, but the best guess, again, would be they’re all sold.

  7. “I would only see the audience as shadows.”
    I think the translation here is wrong, her words in chinese actually means the opposite: The audience would only see her as a shadow

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