Faye Concerned About Her Former Teacher

Faye Wong (王菲) is concerned about her former teacher, Dai Sicong (戴思聪),aged 69, who, according to Hong Kong media reports, had a heart attack. Dai Sicong, a singing teacher to stars such as Faye, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, and Daniel Chan, is known as the “Father of Hong Kong Stars.” Katie Chen (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), Faye’s manager, said, “Faye has asked me to find out how he is doing. I immediately called his wife, Wei-Wei (Tai Xin Wei), but my call didn’t get through to her at the hospital. I sent text messages, but they haven’t responded. Faye is really concerned about his condition. After all, he is her teacher!” (Source Sina.com 7.18.10)

Faye Wong (王菲) and Dai Sicong (戴思聪)

Update 17 July 2010: Dai Sicong (戴思聪) died at Ruttonjee Hospital in Hong Kong where he was hospitalized. His daughter said that death was due to “complications from acute coronary heart disease.”

Update 18 July 2010: At the end of 1991, Faye, unhappy with the direction that her career was taking, decided to study in the United States. But when she arrived in the U.S., she learned that she had missed the start date of the new term and could not enter the school. On New Year’s Day 1992, Faye called Dai Sicong from New York and asked him for advice on what to do next. Dai Sicong very firmly told Faye, “You have to come right back! If you stop your career in Hong Kong for as long as six months, people will forget who you are, and all your previous efforts will be in vain.” He analyzed the situation for her. Anita Mui had announced she would no longer accept music awards, which meant that the dominant force in pop music would be gone. This would be the perfect time to step into the void left by Anita. Faye left New York and flew back to Hong Kong. In her next album, Coming Home (Aug. 1992), Faye’s “Fragile Woman” was a blockbuster hit, and her career soared to unparalleled heights after that. (Source: Liao Shen Evening News, 7.19.10)

Update 18 July 2010: Photos added. Faye considered Dai Sicong one of the three most important men in her life.


4 Responses

  1. very very sorry to hear the bad news.

  2. I’d like to join Raint in conveying our deepest condolences to Dai Sicong’s family and friends, especially to his students, including Faye, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Daniel Chan, Nic Tse, and many, many others. The bond between a teacher and his/her students lasts a lifetime, and I’m sure everyone must be feeling a tremendous sense of loss.

  3. Very sorry to hear that.. And great thanks to Mr Dai for teaching Faye.. Hope that his family and Faye would be able to overcome this difficult time..

  4. Toute mes pensses les plus affectueuses pour vous melle wong faye dans c est moment difficile.En cette periode ou elle doit remmonter sur scene certain qu elle sera tres tres aimue le soir du 29 pour son retour.Grace a m Dai sicong nous pouvons depuis des annees apprecie toute l emotion que Faye wong nous apporte a chaque chanssons , je suis certain que cette epreuve tres douloureuse va la rendre encore plus forte et emouvante en homage a son ancien proffeseur , lui meme aurait surrement aime la revoir sur scene. Mes respects les plus sincere a la famille et a melle Wong F AYE

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