Faye Live 1994 ‘Exit’

In this video, we see Faye Wong (王菲) performing her first rap song, “Exit” (出路), which she wrote and composed. It’s from her December 1994 album, Ingratiate Oneself. She also wrote and composed the title track for the album. In the second part of the video, she performs “I’m Willing” (我願意), from her April 1994 album, Mystery. In this video, we see her receiving the 1994 Jade Solid Gold award for the most popular female singer in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific. The video was uploaded to YouTube by k79629 on 22 July 2010.


3 Responses

  1. That’s the trouble with having such a special voice that you need to record your own backing vocals — when it comes to a live performance, you’re not sure which part to sing!

    Faye made a similar slip near the end of “Only Love Strangers” in the “No Faye No Live” concert, as recorded on the 2004 DVD, but recovered with great grace and humour.

  2. Neville, Faye’s grace and humor puts her on a whole different level. Thanks for pointing it out. She has turned the occasional blooper into an art form that’s fun and enjoyable. She’s totally comfortable with being herself and vulnerable to mistakes — just like any other human being. But only Faye can pull it off so beautifully.

  3. i like how her look totally stands out from her peers at that time

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