Tong Tong Sings, Live!

Faye Wong’s (王菲) daughter, Tong Tong (竇靖童, Dou Jing Tong), 13, sings at a Yan Ran Angel Fund “Angel Tour”event on 29 Aug. 2010. She sings an English song, “I Need You,” by LeAnn Rimes. Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) led the medical team and volunteers to the town of Chifeng Keshiketengqi Dalinuoer to visit schools and students. I believe this is the first time the public has seen and heard Tong Tong. She definitely has a beautiful singing voice! (Source Sohu Entertainment 30 Aug. 2010)

Correction: Vikki, on August 30, 2010 said:
Thanks for posting! But I think the song should be “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. Tong Tong is indeed becoming a young lady now…


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  1. Thanks for posting! But I think the song should be “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. Tong Tong is indeed becoming a young lady now…

  2. Vikki, thanks for the correction!

  3. Is Faye with them on this trip?

  4. This is very gutsy for a 13yo! Wow, it must be hard to be Faye’s daughter, imagine all the expectations and assumptions from the public that she should be just as talented and beautiful. And I think it is wonderful to see that her step-dad is so supportive and loving. There is some interesting reading on MSN (the China or Asian version) comparing the current lives of Faye and Dou Wei.

  5. Deb, I agree. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pressure Tong Tong must be under. But even at 13, there’s a quality to her voice that I can only describe as soulful, like Faye. We get a feeling that she’s singing from her soul, from her heart. Her voice is, like Faye’s, natural, not “trained,” superficial, or mechanical. I hope it stays that way.

    Tong Tong is still very young, yet she doesn’t sound like a child. Faye had an innocence and child-like quality in her voice up until her late teens. She showed a darker side and a wider range of voices once she began recording in HK.

    I recall reading those comparos between Faye’s and Dou Wei’s lives after their divorce. I’m hesitant to reflect them here in Faye Wong Today because Dou Wei isn’t faring as well as Faye, and I don’t want to put a spotlight on that.

    I really like Dou Wei and consider him a powerful influence in Faye’s career as well as personal life. He’ll always be Tong Tong’s real father and his postive influence on her will be powerful.

  6. Thanks so much for posting this! I really enjoyed seeing her and listening to her. There are certain notes she hits that really sound like Faye, so amazing!

  7. the ability to sing is definitely in her blood. Bravo, Tong Tong!!! :)

  8. She is so shy which made her super adorable!!!
    So proud of her!!! Way to go 童童!! ^^

  9. I cannot hear clearly what Li Yapeng said afterwards… can anyone make out what he said?

  10. Li Yapeng said that two years ago Tongtong wanted to buy a drum and now he publicly promised to buy one for her. Tong Tong is 13 years old and she is also interested in music and painting. Surely she has great talent because she is the daughter of Faye and Douwei.

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