Cejan – Theme Song from ‘Eternity’

From: cejan
To: feifan
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2010

Hi feifan

Check out this theme song video for faye’s first drama Eternity(千岁情人, literally translated as Thousand Year old lover) back in 1993. The song is written by faye herself, I absolutely love the lyrics and music.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks, Cejan! I can’t believe we didn’t have this video in Faye Wong Today!

    You’re right! This is the first song Faye composed and wrote the lyrics for. It appears as “Tempted Heart” in Hundred Thousand Whys, which was released in September 1993.

    Earlier the same year, in February, she wrote the lyrics for “No Regrets,” another of her all-time great hits. It appeared in one of my favorite albums, No Regrets.

    So, apart from being the most beautiful and most talented singer in the world, she’s also one of the most gifted and creative song writers! When we also include the fact that she’s one of the top models and actresses in the Chinese-speaking world as well as one of the most generous and caring philanthropists, we begin to understand why she is loved and admired by millions.

  2. I remember watching this drama when I was little, and how I loved the song because it fits the story perfectly.

    Now I am watching the drama online again!

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