Rare Video – 1990 Faye Duet with Jiang Zhiguang

Faye Wong (王菲) and Jiang Zhiguang (蔣志光) in a 1990 duet, “Take Good Care Tonight” (今宵多珍重). Note that fans in the audience are yelling “Wong Ching Man” (王靖雯). In 1989, Faye began her career in Hong Kong with this name, with “Shirley Wong” as the English equivalent. In 1992, with her Coming Home album, she reverted back to her original name, Faye Wong. This video was uploaded to YouTube by chengunjai on 9.22.10. (Thanks to Neville for corrections and additions to this post. See his comment below for more fascinating information.)


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  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a performance as early as that! Lovely to hear the kids shouting “Wong Ching Man” at the beginning, middle and end, and to see their “Everything” banners!

    Faye, I mean Shirley Wong, seems to give away that they were miming (singing without first bringing up the mic at 1:28).

    I also like Anita Mui’s and Tsai Chin’s versions of this song, but I enjoyed this duet from the start. I had made a note that the title meant “take good care tonight”, which I found on other websites; is that a good translation? Also, whose song was it originally?

  2. Neville, thanks for the corrections and additions! I added them to the post.

    Re this video — even at this early stage in her career, she had “star” written all over her. She has “the look” — a presence, style, and voice that’s absolutely captivating. She’s so unlike other female and male singers that her agents had a really difficult time figuring out how to “present” her. In the end, the only person who knew what was best for Faye was Faye herself!

  3. Oh goodness, I cringe that Faye had to sing with this guy. He’s a soap actor, who like many others, decided singing made more money, so tried to turn into a singer. He used to play nerdy/goofy roles. For those who read the article studying Faye’s rise to fame and challenging the patriarchal/traditional Cantopop scene, this clip is a good example of why Faye wanted to pave her own way to fame.

  4. Yeah, some of the guys they’ve paired Faye with in duets have been total mismatches — like this guy. Faye seems to have the best fit with rockers from the Beijing scene.

  5. she had a really boyish hairstyle

  6. Yeah. We think of Chungking Express (1994) when it comes to Faye’s boyish hairstyle, but she was actually experimenting with it very early in her career. In this way, she was a departure from everyone else even in her early years.

    She can pull off so many different looks, unlike most celebs who are limited to one or two. For Faye, the options are almost limitless. She looks good in everything and anything!

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