Faye Wants to Hold a Concert in HK!

Here’s a photo (below) of Faye Wong (王菲) rehearsing for her October and November concerts in Beijing and Shanghai. Katie (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), Faye’s agent, said on Sep. 27: “Faye Wong is in good shape and getting better.” She also acknowledged that Faye intends to hold concerts in Hong Kong. (Source: Chongqing Business Daily 9.28.10)


9 Responses

  1. OMG! That’s great news! And I thought she had forgotten about Hong Kong…

  2. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she performed in HK Coliseum, December 23, 2010-Jan. 1, 2011? Hopefully a DVD will come out of it.

    But thinking proactively, I hope they have camera crews at all the other performances, too. This way they could have a 2-disc DVD set for HK and highlights from the other concerts.

    Heck, they ought to go all ut and shoot for blu-ray high-res, too!

  3. i hope she’ll sing more of her own compositions and the lesser known (but super good) songs
    it’ll be so disappointing if the concert turns out to be a hit parade
    but it seems like they have a lot of considerations when picking her song list
    hope the “calculation” will appeal to fans of all music tastes!

  4. Yeah, the selections is always a problem. Faye feels a responsibility to fans who want to hear the all-time favorites. I think if it were up to Faye, she’d sing, as you say, “more of her own compositions and the lesser known (but super good) songs.”

    The one thing I really like about Faye is her genuine love and respect for her fans. We see it in how she interacts with them, in the intervals between songs when she addresses them directly, and especially in the segments where she shakes the hands of audience members in the seats that are farther from the stage.

    And this love is reflected in her thoughtful selection of songs.

  5. i am still waiting for a new songs. Hope 2 new songs by end of the year….

  6. i really really hopes she comes to tokyo too!

  7. any news of her coming to Singapore or Malaysia?? She has a huge fan base here!

  8. New songs would be amazing (providing that it comes out on a CD or at least downloadable!), but wouldn’t it be awesome if Faye did a concert that was Faye compositions only (music and/or lyrics), that would be my dream come true (aside from me BEING at that concert).

  9. New songs will be realistics….album is totally impossible

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