Zachary Lin Zhao – Faye & Vicki Sing ‘He Doesn’t Love Me’

Zachary Lin Zhao on 30 Sep. 2010 said:

Here is a video Faye Wong [王菲] and Zhao Wei [赵薇 Vicki Zhao] singing Karen Mok’s “He Doesn’t Love Me” [他不爱我].

And I really wish Faye would come to the US too!!!!

[Note: Video added to YouTube by cheongsiau on 28 Sep. 2010.]


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  1. Zachary, thank you very much for the link to this fabulous video of Faye and Vicki in a live, informal duet.

    This reminds me of the Good Friends Concert in Hong Kong on 29 Sep. 1998 when Faye, Na Ying (那英), and Jeff Chang (张信哲) performed together on stage. Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) joined them in a few songs, too.

    I think another reason we love Faye so much is because she’s fun to hang out with. Her friends, some of the top performers in China, are loyal, longtime friends. In a way, watching Faye perform is a way to hang out with her, as good friends!

  2. Definitely! And she is not afraid of merely being the back-up singer and let her friends have the spotlight! Talented, confident AND kind! :D

  3. what is she wearing???

  4. Zachary, you’re so right about Faye: “She is not afraid of merely being the back-up singer and let her friends have the spotlight! Talented, confident AND kind!”

    Just another reason why we love her so much. Her values and behavior are grounded and sound. She’s never let her beauty, talent, brains, fame, power go to hear head. The vast majority of us, given even a little bit of one of her qualities, would probably be so puffed up and big-headed that all of our friends would abandon us. LOL!

    But not Faye. She’s maintained her humility, her character, her core values consistently throughout her career. Add to that beauty and talent beyond compare and you have a person who is far, far more than just a star.

  5. I’ve not heard Vicki zhao’s songs but the reviews have been petty good so far,even the fans in indonesia go crazy over her during the last concert.

    Being rich and always in the limelight not easy.i hear that she was also dropped from her slimming ambassadorship with Marie france because of taking pills. The constant pressure of staying slim and beautiful is big.

    found this thread on a popular forum :

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