Will Faye Perform in Singapore, Malaysia, Tokyo?

Talk of Faye Wong’s (王菲) 2010 concert tour extending into other venues has been rife ever since word  spread that Taipei is in and Hong Kong is a real possibility. In the discussion on Faye’s HK plans, Faye Wong Today readers have shared their excitement over possibilities:

Vikki, on September 27, 2010 said: OMG! That’s great news! And I thought she had forgotten about Hong Kong…

chelsea, on September 28, 2010 said: i hope she’ll sing more of her own compositions and the lesser known (but super good) songs. it’ll be so disappointing if the concert turns out to be a hit parade. but it seems like they have a lot of considerations when picking her song list. hope the “calculation” will appeal to fans of all music tastes!

raymond chua, on September 28, 2010 said: i am still waiting for a new songs. Hope 2 new songs by end of the year….

Anonymous, on September 29, 2010 said: i really really hopes she comes to tokyo too!

Anonymous, on September 30, 2010 said: any news of her coming to Singapore or Malaysia?? She has a huge fan base here!

Deb, on September 30, 2010 said: New songs would be amazing (providing that it comes out on a CD or at least downloadable!), but wouldn’t it be awesome if Faye did a concert that was Faye compositions only (music and/or lyrics), that would be my dream come true (aside from me BEING at that concert).

In my opinion, Singapore and Malaysia have to be in the picture since Taipei is now in and HK is looming. But S and M may need to wait for 2011. I’m sure some very active negotiations are going on behind closed doors, and the pace will only increase as the opening concert nears.

Ticket sales for Faye’s concerts have broken all previous records, and promoters realize that Faye is gold. Simply announce a concert, and the tickets will quickly sell with little or no advertising.

Tokyo at the Budokan would be magic! But based on past trends, it may be a long shot. Still, it’s a possibility. If Faye does Tokyo, then Australia may also be a possibility. (Lucky Deb!) But these two sites would have to compete against other major cities in China where Faye has massive audience bases.

If Faye does new songs in 2010, they probably won’t be released in CD. They’ll more than likely be released as singles slightly before or in conjunction with her 2010 concerts. In 2011, however, a CD of new songs is a very real possibility. It will probably include singles released in 2010.

Faye has a huge and broad fan base, and this means an up and a down side. The up side is that Faye will always be commercially viable. The down side is song selection for concerts and albums. Faye’s love and respect for her fans is legendary. Even as she appears cool to the media, she is open, friendly, warm, and generous with her fans. Thus, she agonizes over song selection, wanting to please as many fans as possible while still maintaining her individuality.

Faye’s repertoire of hits is so far ranging that it also accommodates a wide spectrum of fans who prefer one genre over another. The vast majority love her more traditional songs, but there’s a growing segment that is crazy for Faye’s own compositions, which are nearly always on the edge in terms of experimentation and creativity.

If a CD is released in 2011, my guess is that it will follow the formula of past albums and be evenly split between Faye’s own avant garde compositions and more traditional songs. Regardless of selections or genre, it will sell out quickly and produce instant hits.


3 Responses

  1. a concert in the USA would be a dream come true for me

  2. Here is a video Faye Wong and Zhao Wei singing Karen Mok’s “He Doesn’t Love Me”.

    And I really wish Faye would come to the US too!!!!

  3. Zachary, do you know at what occasion were Faye and Zhao Wei singing in the video?

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