Recent Photos of Faye – Oct or Sep 2010

Photos of Faye Wong (王菲) and her entourage in October or September 2010.


7 Responses

  1. cute outfit, as always

  2. Love the boots

  3. Faye is HOT! She can wear anything and look as though she’s on a runway. Simple blouse and baggy shorts and she’s absolutely gorgeous! She’s going to blow everybody away at her concerts!

  4. how does she do it!?!? I would feel a lot better if I knew Faye was busting her ass at the gym and has someone dressing her everyday – but I know this is all her, au naturelle. AND she can sing, AND is a mum. She deserves to be studied… which reminds me, why did no one tell me I could major in Faye Wong during uni, my marks would have been much higher! LOL!

  5. Deb, there’s so much to Faye that a major makes sense, with degrees ranging from BA through MA and PhD. I have a feeling every fayenatic would have straight A’s and a doctorate! And as part of their continual research, they’ll have to attend every concert, personally interview Faye as part of their thesis, participate in SmileAngel events, attend Buddhist retreats, sing Faye songs at karaoke, and learn Mandarin. OK, where does the line start!

  6. i lov the 2046 hair she is sporting, well maybe its not that poofy but sheesh does she never take a bad pic?
    Arrg I have to leave the site my wife hates that im a Fayenatic

  7. does anyone know what brand of boots she is wearing?

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