Rumors – HK Concert? A Third Child?

The latest rumor is that Hong Kong is out for Faye’s coming concert tour, which includes Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei. Apparently, production costs above Faye’s fee are the issue.

Another rumor is that Faye plans to take off for a year after the tour to have a baby. (Source Xiangfan Xiangyang City, 10.5.10)


5 Responses

  1. i hope this isn’t true…i would be happy if she had a baby of course, but upset if she stops again after just a short time singing again..

  2. Yeah, I feel as you do, Mike. If this rumor is true, then we’ll have to wait at least another year after the 2010-2011 tour for Faye to resume her career. Regardless, though, we — all of her fans — will wait, patiently.

  3. hi feifan, do u think there are still chances that the hongkong concert will go on?? Oh no, this news is upsetting me! :(

  4. Hey, Len. There are rumors that the HK concert might occur. One source has said April 2011. Others simply include HK in the list of concert locations. But I haven’t been able to confirm any of these. Here’s a list of confirmed concerts:

    Oct 29/30/31 and Nov 5/6
    Location: Wukesong Indoor Stadium

    Nov 19/20/26/27/28
    Location: Shanghai World Expo Performing Arts Center

    January 2011: 21/22/23
    Location: Taipei Arena

  5. thanks feifan for the reply! I hope to hear good news! sometimes i feel its so impossible for the HK concert to be cancelled… sighhh..

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