Wubing – Faye’s 2011 Taiwan Concert Promo

Wubing on 9 Oct. 2010 said:
Hi Feifan,
I had uploaded the promo video for Faye Wong 2011, Taiwan Concert.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks, Wubing! Fans in Taiwan are so fortunate. They must be excited!

  2. Hey guys,

    I recently started a project when I wanted to introduce a friend to Faye Wong and show them how cool, talented, and artistic she is. I put English subtitles to her latest MV’s from 將愛 (jiang ai – To Love). They turned out really good, so I posted them on YouTube. I think it will be a great resource for those of us who have friends we’d like to introduce to Faye. (Some people don’t have the patience or stretch of mind to read translations). Anyways, check them out. I even stylized the subtitles and made them meld well into each MV.

  3. Here is the link:


    There are 6 right now. You might have to click on my user name ryuumuchuu to see them all.

  4. Ha ha – Yes I responded to one (ghostcar) I’m an obsessed fan thank you. I always wonder what words they are…. but, you know, it really doesn’t matter. Her vocal abilities made me fall years ago. Not to mention that cute face.

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