3 Days Before the Opening Concert – Faye Is Relaxed and Excited

Days before her opening concert in Beijing’s Wukesong Indoor Stadium, Faye Wong (王菲) is loose, relaxed, and excited. In preparation, she is rehearsing more than five hours a days with her select musicians and chorus, which will again include Dou Wei’s sister, Dou Ying (窦颖). Faye has handpicked her team from among the best in the business, including Deng Acura (邓讴歌), Liyan Liang (李延亮)、and Alice Liang Bo (梁翘柏), guitar; Kubi, from the Netherlands, and Wang Wenying (王文颖), keyboard; Chu Weiming (褚伟明), drums; Liu Xiao-Song (刘效松), percussion; Dou Ying and Fan Zhuqing (樊竹青), chorus.
In a recent poll of songs fans wanted to hear, “Red Bean” (紅豆) came in first, and “I’m Willing” (我愿意) was a close second. The actual program, however, is still unknown and will probably remain a mystery until the live performance. (Source ent.qq 10.26.10)

Here’s a list of confirmed concerts:

Oct 29/30/31 and Nov 5/6
Location: Wukesong Indoor Stadium

Nov 19/20/26/27/28
Location: Shanghai World Expo Performing Arts Center

Jan 2011: 21/22/23
Location: Taipei Arena


9 Responses

  1. 《雪中莲》、《红豆》、《又见炊烟》、《但愿人长久》、《怀念》、《乘客》、《再见萤火虫》、《催眠》、《开到荼靡》、《香奈儿》、《彼岸花》、《传奇》、《我爱你》

    Not sure if the list reliable, but if she really does sing 《彼岸花》 and 《我爱你》, I’d be in heaven (when listening to the concert CD when it comes out). Like 《又见炊烟》 too.

  2. sorry, what I meant was…

    if the list -is- reliable

    when listening to the concert CD -if it ever gets released-

  3. i am sure she wont sing bi an hua and wo ai ni. Especially not bi an hua lol but I also really hope she does that song.

    Anyways,.. she rehearsed for Hong Dou so I am already sure that she is going to sing that. Although I really dont like that song

  4. How exciting! I hope there are fans out there lucky enough to go to a concert who will post their news on Faye Wong Today!

    Where is CSI when you need then to enhance a photo so we can read the lyric sheets!?!? LOL!

    My ideal song list would be all Faye originals and unreleased songs (on her official albums).

  5. i really hope for a new song…can anyone imagine how long have we wait already?

  6. Looking at the picture from a recent rehearsal: she is going to sing Kai Dao Tu Mi. This is because she is holding a megaphone

  7. Again, not sure if this is reliable:









  8. what does it say?

  9. do I see wo ai ni in there? lol that would be nice

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