Chelsea – List of Possible Songs for Faye’s 2010 Concert

chelsea, on 27 Oct 2010 said: Again, not sure if this is reliable:

[Note: The following is a rough translation of the info that Chelsea provided. Apparently, the staging will be elaborate, with breath-taking seasonal effects. -Feifan]

In the autumn segment, in addition to leaves, the air will be the sky for snow. According to reports, this “snow” will be made up of water bubbles, floating in the air, or blown upon the audience. It will melt like the real snow.
Sky (天空)
Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久) (Teresa Teng 鄧麗君),
I love You (我愛你)
Mortal World (人間)
The Moon at That Moment (當時的月亮)

In the summer segment, the stage around the outer back of the audience on three sides and the roof will be filled with tens of thousands of “Star Light” and will be lit up like the night sky during the summer. Faye Wong will appear in this part dressed as an angel.
To Love (將愛)
The Last Blossom (開到荼靡)
Hypnosis (催眠)
Bored (悶)
Goodbye Firefly (再見螢火蟲)

Opening the show is “Winter,” meaning winter to spring. The stage will appears to be on ice, hoisted on the top of numerous icicles. Faye will be dressed in an icy costume.
Lotus in the Snow (雪中蓮 Teresa),
Red Bean (紅豆)
Passenger (乘客)
See the Chimney Smoke Again (又見炊煙 Teresa)

In the spring segment, the stage will appear on both sides of two large backgrounds, covered with a special material made with thousands of feet of red ribbon. A colorful butterfly will appear, symbolizing rebirth.
Dream Person (aka Elude 掙脫)
Reminiscence (懷念)
Reservedness (矜持)
I’m Willing (我願意)
Legend (傳奇)


8 Responses

  1. Thanks, Chelsea! Even if this list isn’t entirely accurate, it’s great to have something to hang on to. A lot of great songs have been left out, but this selection is also excellent!

  2. I -hope- it isn’t entirely accurate. There are a number of songs that I really wish are on the list but aren’t! But I doubt she will ever sing them live. For example –
    – MV (the one written by Nic Tse)
    – 掃興
    – 陽寶 (this would make a good “Summer” segment song, no?)
    But if she really plans to sing “I Love You” and “Hypnosis” that’d be FAB.

  3. I think the stage and setlist sounds very very great. Hope its true

  4. I was just reading an article that claims Faye is working something out with four of the five tracks that she composed for Fable, including Chanel, NewTenant, and Flower of Paradise. Hard to imagine a concert without at least the first two. I guess we’ll learn soon enough.

  5. WOW bi an hua ? really hope thats true

  6. yeah, flower of paradise is an AWESOME song!

  7. it should be going on right now right? excited! go bi an hua! you can make it!

  8. omg so great

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