Faye ‘Sky’ High in Beijing Premiere!

In the opening concert of her comeback tour, Faye Wong (王菲), suspended in the air, slowly circles the stage with “Sky”! (Uploaded to YouTube by a12480215 on 10.29.10.) These videos makeup the autumn segment.


Mortal World

Moon at That Moment (当时的月亮)

I Love You (我爱你)


One Response

  1. Give me her dress!!! Spectacular, not to mention her descending from the sky! The concert concepts really make this comeback tour mind blowing. I’m glad they didn’t go low-key on the production, IF this were her last ever tour, she may as well go out in a blaze of glory. Let’s face it, she can’t be touring forever.

    Rendition of I Love You is divine, so glad we can hear it live. If now she’d sing Smile Angel live too!

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