Faye Wong – ‘Legend’ Reborn – Oct 29, 2010

Faye Wong (王菲) returns! After a five-year hiatus that seems like a lifetime for fayenatics, Faye resumes her career. In the first video, she performs “Legend” at her opening concert in Beijing’s Wukesong Indoor Stadium on Oct 29, 2010. “Legend” and the other four make up the spring segment. Faye’s voice is as beautiful as ever, and she is HOT!




I’m Willing



3 Responses

  1. can you please repost this song? would love to hear the full version. Thanks!!!!

  2. Interesting song choices in this segment, probably not my top picks, notsure how they relate to “Legend Reborn”. But glad she gave Dream Person a miss.

    Would have chosen something from Restless album, like Fracture or track 8.

  3. The “legend reborn” is me trying to be witty. It’s really just “rebirth” or “reborn.” But I understand where you’re coming from re “Legend.”

    Yeah, a lot of great songs were left out — but, as you say elsewhere, Faye made some very good choices, especially with Fable.

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