y.A.S.d. – ‘I Need to Cry – So Beautiful’

y.A.S.d., on 29 October 2010, said:


omg first video I NEED TO CRY SO BEAUTIFUL

[Note: These videos make up the winter segment.]
I Only Want to Keep a Promise to You (只愿为你守着约)

Red Bean (红豆)

Passenger (乘客)

See the Chimney Smoke (又见炊烟)

The entire opening segment. (source Netease and ent.qq 10.29.10)


9 Responses

  1. theres 2 other videos up now!! it’s AMAZINGGGGG. i an freaking out / tearing up at work.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Joyce. I’m downloading and uploading them as we speak. They’ll be up soon. These are fantastic! Like you and y.A.S.d., I’m tearing and freakin’!

  3. wowowow! thank you so much for sharing these – it’s fantastic to see her back.

  4. fantansy!faye u r the best and the good one

  5. How does someone manage to look cute wearing a skull cap!?? This world is not fair.

    Bit of a pitch slip up in Red Bean chorus?

    Loved Passenger! She seems to really be enjoying herself, something about her expression feels relaxed and content.

  6. “Pitch slip” — probably nervousness. She grimaced, too, I think. I heard she shook off the jitters in the 2nd and 3rd concerts — no more slips.

  7. what is the last song in this video?!?!?

  8. i don’t understand why the media is making a huge deal out of that -minuscule- slip up; it happens to every performer

    who else in this WORLD can do a Teresa Teng cover and a Cocteau Twins cover in one concert? and she “fayified” them, rendering them with her own style and with superb artistry

    also, who else can rock with so much power and vocal technique (goodbye fireflies) and then immediately launch into a soft ballad (reservedness, for example), melting everyone’s heart with an angel’s voice? no one else but faye

    the media should be celebrating faye, not picking on her for that nanosecond of slip up

  9. Chelsea, I’m with you 100%! The media is so nitpicky. If there’s 99.99% good, they’ll find and focus on the .01% bad.

    With Faye, even the boo-boos are art! We look forward to and celebrate them. They make her all the more human. And, as you say, Chelsea, she has so much going for her that’s super extraordinary that a slip-up is fun.

    I’m glad you mentioned her versatility and effort as a singer. Faye gives 100% in every song, in every concert. And the wide range of vocals is demanding. As we watch her throughout a concert, we can see the physical strain, the exhaustion toward the end, but we also see that she doesn’t let up. She still gives every song her all.

    And you know that she’s doing it for the fans. It’s her gift to us.

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