Sarah – For All of Faye’s Concert Videos . . .

Sarah, on 2 Nov 2010 said:

Hi feifan, it appears that Faye sang different songs on different nights! I highly recommend u to check out kenni2046‘s videos on YouTube – all the videos are dated. He/she has videos from oct 31 show (Faye sang Na Er and Wu Chang!!! Can u believe it!! Yes I know, I wanna cry) and continuous footage of the oct 30 show (not complete yet; sequence a little jumbled up but still good!!) Faye opened the show with Xue Zhong Lian on oct 30 instead of Zhi yuan wei ni shou zhe yue (oct 29).



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  1. Thanks, Sarah! I’ll take a closer look in the next few days. On first view, they seemed disorganized and out of order, with missing pieces. I hope they’re all there.

  2. So my dream came true, she sang more from her Restless album, especially excited about Na Er. She seems so happy to sing her own compositions and so are we! I wonder if she’ll sing Serpentskirt…

  3. Her Cocteau Twins covers are great — radical when you think of the Cantopop scene in the ’90s. In fact, when viewed against the other performers in her time, we really begin to appreciate the departure that Faye represents. She experimented, created, took unimaginable risks — and she continues to do so. Many consider her a rebel, but she’s really just innovative, curious, creative, imaginative, and bright as hell. She created “new” sounds, new music, that are still fresh and different today. She took Chinese pop into a whole new dimension that’s different from anything the world has known. Faye’s a genius, and I think only her true fans appreciate this. Most fans simply appreciate her amazing voice and physical beauty.

  4. agree! LOVE “Na Er”.
    oh, Faye, please sing “Fen Lie” (Fracture) and “Sao Xing”… please please please please please…
    Restless remains my fave Faye album; and the album cover is also the best (actually, I love Decadent Sounds of Faye, too).

  5. Amazing! Just soooo amazing!! They have to make this into a DVD.

    My personal favorites were all included: wo ai ni, New Tenant, xiang nai er, Flower of Paradise, lots of Fable album!!!

    So beautiful, such awesome and appropriate special effects, like the audience could really feel apart of it!!


  6. Chelsea, I love Restless, too — the entire album! It is so wild! Edgy! It just makes me want to move!

    Away~, that’s my dream, too! I’m praying that Faye will release a 2010 concert DVD, similar to the ’99 and ’04 ones. It’ll probably be published in late 2011, after the tour, but that’s OK.

    The stage effects will be absolutely breathtaking! Faye and her performance — breathtakingly beautiful.

    Every time we think Faye couldn’t possibly top her latest performance, she surprises us and follows up with one that’s even better! No one, no performer in the world, can do this. Only Faye!

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