Vikki – Faye Feels Her First 3 Concerts Were ‘Okay’

Vikki, on November 4, 2010 said:

Check this out:

Faye celebrated the success of her first 3 shows in Beijing at a dinner with LYP and her folks. She responded to reporters with “It’s okay.” regarding her feelings about her performance.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks, Vikki! I love this video! Faye is so natural. She seems to be playing with her iPad in the restaurant. And when they’re getting into cars to leave, she almost gets into the wrong one. And her look, when she realizes her error, is classic Faye!

    She also has both feet on the ground. No false humility or ego-popping gushings. Asked how she felt about her concerts, her reply is a simple “Okay.”

    Faye is sooo cool!

    It’s no wonder we all love her so much.

  2. For more candid shots of Faye, go check out Katie Chan’s micro blog:
    She’s got pics of Faye rehearsing with her band prior to the opening of the concerts.

  3. she’s adorable.

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