Faye’s Return Is a Total Success!

After nearly six years, Faye Wong’s (王菲) return to the stage in late-October and early-November is nothing short of breathtaking. She is everything that fans remembered and expected — and more. She is more beautiful, her costumes and makeup are more fantastic, the concert is more spectacular, and her voice is even more enchanting.

(Photo source: Tencent music, Guozhi Kai, and ent.QQ, 11.8.10 )

Faye never rests on past laurels. She doesn’t simply recycle past success. She’s always growing and innovating, studying, taking risks, leading and never following. And throughout her journey, she relies on her natural instincts for what’s best for her, and she’s never wrong. Part of that instinct is to trust her make-up artist Zing and stylist Titi Kwan. Both have been with Faye for years and are also her close friends. And she works with the best set designers and musicians to come up with shows that blow the audience away. Fans are totally excited and moved, and come away with an experience of a lifetime.

Faye is a winner all around, but her fans are the ultimate winners. Faye never disappoints, and she always delivers a performance that surpasses her fans’ expectations.

The concert tour will continue to Shanghai’s World Expo Performing Arts Center for shows on November 19, 20, 21 and 26, 27, 28. It will then go to Taipei Arena for performances from January 21-23.

Added by Feifan on 11.9.10: HK concert confirmed for March 2011. See Katie’s microblog post on 11.6.10.


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