Chelsea – Faye Is More Beautiful Than Ever Before!

chelsea, on November 9, 2010 said:
further proof that she is indeed more beautiful than she has ever been before

(Sources: and

chelsea, on November 10, 2010 added:


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  1. to be honest Faye looks a little… hungover! a little too much celebrating post-concert?? ;)

  2. Hi, Deb. Faye’s probably just exhausted from the hectic pace of events — long daily rehearsals, demanding performances, parties, etc. But she’s holding up very well considering the long layoff. As the tour continues, I think she’ll get into the rhythm and not feel as tired.

  3. Hmm… maybe… but I think she is especially captivating like this. I guess, as the cliche goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. Cher Feifan, je suis d accord avec toi faye a l air fatiguee apres 5 ans d abssence la reprise est difficile et c est bien normal , j espere la voir en grande forme a Shanghai.Jt ecris je viens de tomber sur une perle, tape sur ton ordi. Month baby sheds tears listening to faye wong legend, il y a une reprise de sa chansson par michaels lears to rock groupe anglais , pas terrible a comparer pour apprecier la classe de faye .Cest le site smack chine.Tu vois on dit souvent en occident que les chinois copie beaucoup de chose pour cette fois avec Faye c est nous qui copions mais la barre est trop haute , love Faye.

  5. Can anyone summerise what is Yvan message. Dont under what i guess spanish?

  6. Yvan is french… I’ll try to translate… can’t guarantee it makes sense…

    “Dear Feifan, I am Ok with Faye being tired after 5yrs absense, the return is difficult and its very normal, I hope to see her in top form in Shanghai. I wrote that I’m going to fall on a pearl..???… there is a remake of her song by Michael Learns To Rock an English group, not terrible to compare for appreciation the class of Faye. ???. You see one often says in the west that the chinese copies a lot of things, this time with Faye its us who copies but the bar is very high, love Faye.”

    “Good evening Chua I am a french fan but the translation of this text is a catastrophe LOL sorry. I said that the group Michael Learns To Rock actually touring in China having a return of cordial legend.”

    Best I can do, you get the idea. I do remember Michael Learns to Rock, they were very popular at kareoke among the asian crowd.

  7. Thanks, Deb! Goes to show how widespread Faye’s appeal is. There’s something about Faye that makes her special; regardless of fans’ nationality, culture, or language, she’s magical.

  8. Merci Deb c est presque sa en tous ca bien mieu que la precedente traduction .Mais au fait quesque vous pensser de cette reprise de legende. Bye

  9. Just a note on Yvan’s earlier post about Michael Learns to Rock (danish group). They are touring China and will be doing an english cover of Legend because they think its a great song. Previously, they have covered Jacky Cheung’s “Kiss Goodbye” (Wen Bie) in english as well. They write the english lyrics.

  10. I’m sorry, but Faye just looks horrible here :( She really does look tired, and she looks as though lip gloss has been messily applied, or perhaps she got her lips done and it wasn’t done healing yet. Either way, it doesn’t really look like the Faye we love at all. She’s far more beautiful than this. I hope the photos are just bad and there’s nothing wrong.

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