Hong Kong Concerts in March 2011!

According to a post on Katie’s microblog on 11.6.10, Faye Wong’s  (王菲) Hong Kong concerts are scheduled for March 2011! [Click here for latest info.]

Here’s additional info from Mingpao and AsianFanatics Forum (10.30.10): “Manager Katie Chan officially announced yesterday [10.29.10] that Faye will be holding a series of concerts next March in Hong Kong. While the number of shows have not been confirmed, it will not exceed 10 shows. Katie Chan also revealed that they originally did not plan to hold concerts in Hong Kong, but after taking into consideration the Hong Kong fans, Faye agreed to the shows. Faye’s Beijing ticket prices have rocketed upwards to the thousands. When tickets for her Hong Kong show go on sale in mid-December, there’s no doubt it will be the same” (translated by sparkles_n15).


2 Responses

  1. http://slide.ent.sina.com.cn/slide_4_704_15563.html#p=3


    further proof that she is indeed more beautiful than she has ever been before

  2. tis is the news im waitg for…. pls cfm the date faster ^^

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