Chelsea – ‘Sporadic’ from the Nov 26 Shanghai Concert

chelsea, on December 3, 2010 said:
無常 [“Sporadic,” from Restless]

(Uploaded to YouTube by antoine0526 on 11.29.10)


4 Responses

  1. I just read this article about Faye…

    What is the author talking about? Faye & a dummer?? If this was true and caught on tape, I wouldn’t believe that it’s not all over the media by now. Has anyone in Asia heard of this rumour??

  2. I just pre-ordered my Faye Wong Hong KOng concert ticket! It’s going to be from March 4th – 6th at Asia Expo. $980/$680/$380. Had to pre-order it from a friend who works for Standard Chartered as I think it’s their title sponsor.

    Tickets are selling like hot cakes though, $980 ticket for Saturday is already sold out :(

  3. LOVE THIS SONG. intro to her best album ever!

  4. kenni2046 has the best concert stuff on YouTube. check him out.

    kenni2046… lots and lots of viedeos

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