Deb: Rumor About Faye and Her Drummer

Deb, on December 6, 2010, said:

I just read this article about Faye…

What is the author talking about? Faye & a dummer?? If this was true and caught on tape, I wouldn’t believe that it’s not all over the media by now. Has anyone in Asia heard of this rumour??

Note by Feifan: The article, “Demystifying the Diva: Faye Wong Caught on Film, Li Still Stands Strong,” that Deb is referring to was written by Doriah Morrison (pseudonym?) in her Rumor Mill column in Global Times (3 Dec. 2010). Here’s the relevant paragraph:

Of course most of you know that Wong successfully held comeback concerts in Beijing and Shanghai last month, two of which I attended and enjoyed. What you surely do not know is that after one concert in Beijing, the diva continued on to share a passionate night with her drummer and was caught by the paparazzi. Her husband, local actor Li Yapeng, had to spend a few million yuan (half a million dollars) keeping the cheating couple’s photos out of the press.

The drummer in Faye’s concert band is Chu Weiming (褚伟明), but Morrison didn’t name him in her article. Thus, the identity of the male in the alleged affair is uncertain.

Like Deb, I would think that this story would be all over the tabloids, blogosphere, and news media if it were true. The fact that it appears only in Morrison’s column is an indication that it’s either false or a well-covered secret. I, too, would like to know if there’s any other news about this.


4 Responses

  1. She is too busy for affairs

  2. Lots of Faye pics

  3. Hahaha, yeah you’re right Chelsea, Faye is too busy on her iphone! So funny that everyone is playing on their phone in the first pic. Love the masquerade pic!

    Feifan, can you load the pics from Chelsea’s second comment? When I click on the link it wants me to sign up for something.

    Its interesting now that social networking is an integral part of life, we are seeing so many more “real” photos of Faye. Back when phones didn’t have cameras and uploading wasn’t so simple, access to the real Faye was so rare. Now we see her through her friend’s eyes! And Faye seems pretty comfortable to be that accessible, I guess its different when your friends take a pic compared to Papparazzi chasing you around.

  4. Chelsea, thanks for the microblog links to the fabulous Faye photos! As Deb says, it’s a whole different ballgame when we see Faye through her friends’ eyes. It’s so much more intimate and “real”! It’s the next best thing to actually hanging out with Faye.

    Deb and Chelsea: Some, including Faye and her close friends, may be wondering why we (Faye Wong Today) publish rumors such as the one about the alleged affair with a drummer.

    My feeling is that we would never start a rumor that might harm Faye. However, when it’s been published elsewhere, the cat’s out of the bag and we can’t pretend that it’s not out there.

    When we cover a rumor that someone else has already published, we do so by first clarifying that it is a rumor. Next, we try to present the relevant proof, if any, or the writer’s veracity or authority.

    I think this is the best way to handle rumors about Faye that have already been published elsewhere: expose and confront them, head on.

    Regardless of the truth or falsity of a rumor, though, we’ll always remain loyal to Faye and do our best to protect, defend, and support her.

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