Chelsea – Comment on Rumor and More Faye Photos

chelsea, on December 7, 2010, said:
She is too busy for affairs

chelsea, on December 7, 2010, said:
Lots of Faye pics
[Note: All photos below are from the linked site. -f]


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  1. Thanks for posting these Feifan! Wow, Faye looks awesome at Carina’s birthday bash! I always get a giggle out of seeing Faye and her friends having fun together. It’s like a fantasy, group of beautiful people living fancy free lives at splendid parties, really has that 50’s Hollywood Glam about it!

  2. You’re welcome, Deb. Chelsea’s been opening the doors to the microblogs of Faye’s friends and family and the results have been breathtaking.

    Thanks for mentioning the glamor that goes back to the early Hollywood years when stars gathered for fabulous parties. Faye’s bringing this back to the Beijing entertainment scene, and we’re fortunate to be along for the ride with these “insider” photos!

  3. haha she sure loves to play on her iphone

  4. Is that Faye’s brother in one of those pics? I remember she had a bro right?

  5. high quality and huge faye concert/ rehearsal/ backstage pics and two miscellaneous:

  6. Merci Chelsea,vos photos sont fabuleuses, se sera mon plus gros regret le 26 au cocert de Faye, j avais amene des photos de son concert de 2004,et comme je suis arrive dans les premier dans la salle,l agent de securite na pas sut me placer correctement ,et la une fille venue de la scene ma placee, et je n ai pas oser , l emotion d etre venu de france pour elle, pas oser demander si il y avait la possibiliter de me faire dediccassee les photos .Mais sa reste un moment merveilleux de la voir vue chanter en vrai.Encore merci pour ces belles photos Yvan

  7. OMG~ i laughed when i saw the 1st picture where everyone’s busy with their phone! that’s almost what me and my friends do when we hangout~ LOL~ not a very good thing though~ is that picture of faye with yellow boots (or is that socks??) recent? coz the hair is a bit too long for her current look~

  8. Bonjour a tous fan de faye meilleurs voeux , une petite mention a Feifan qui des fois traduit mes mails Une super info Faye va donner des concerts en mai a Tianjin chengdou goundzhou et nanjing 2 concerts dans chaques villes de sources sur .Confirmer par son agent dans la nuit du 31.bye bye Yvan

  9. Fable, good question! I thought they were boots, but on closer inspection, they could be socks! I think the photo is from an earlier period — not sure when. But I love that look!

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